About Us

Our Goal

To make the web more accessible to people around the world.

At Bablic we believe that languages should not be a barrier when it comes to accessing content on the internet.

The internet has removed many barriers but a foreign language is still a challenge for many users.

Why, then, don’t all website translate their content?

The process of website localization (adapting your website to different audiences) is very cumbersome, expensive and time consuming.

Selecting professional translators, controlling the flow of content and finally expanding the website to accommodate the new text is no joke. Trust us, we’ve been there.

What if we turn this process into fast, easy and affordable?

Bablic makes localizing your website a simple and quick task. No additional programming, no new templates, no hassles of any kind.

Yes, you can have your website in any language you want tomorrow without having to call back your web designer.

The world is just a few clicks away.