How To Translate Your Shopify Theme in Minutes!

Your decision to open your own online store using Shopify was indeed a right one. However, if you are sticking to the one-language policy for your e-commerce website, the result could be the exact opposite.

Why Translating Makes Sense

As empirical evidence has shown that more than 70% internet users only visit websites in their native languages, it is likely you would miss out on a large number of potential buyers if you do not adapt to this trend.

If you think multilingual websites are important for international businesses only, think again. As globalization has made big cities more cosmopolitan, a staggering number of expats and foreigners can be found in any country at any point of time. Germany, for example, has an incredible 15 million people comprising immigrants and their descendants who would prefer to browse in their native language instead of German.

Hence, even if you are operating locally, it will be advisable to have your Shopify theme translated into different languages to cater to a wider pool of users.

Why Some Are Averse to Translation

A major reason why some businesses give up on translation is because of its sheer complexity. One would require developers and professional translators, along with a project manager, to ensure the whole process runs smoothly. Any addition or change to a website requires to be published very quickly, and repeating this process each time will be both time-consuming and frustrating.

Also, the money spent on paying an entire team can burn a big hole in one’s pocket.

How To Translate in Minutes!

It may seem like a hyperbole, but with Bablic, you can indeed translate your website in the smartest way, that too in real time.

Bablic’s visual editor allows you to make changes manually in software-translated text, along with giving you the option to fix style and CSS issues. Also, the user-friendly interface lets you change the images and videos according to your target audience with just a click. Once you are done with making the manual alterations as per your need, just copy the one-line code onto your website and you will be done.

As for the pages and the text you add, Bablic automatically translates them and shows the changes in the translated website in real time!

Final Word

Bablic is a cost-effective and efficient website translation service that can help small and medium businesses boost their sales by reaching out to a broader chunk of users. With one of the most advanced website translation services at your disposal, you can translate your Shopify theme by simply adding a one-line code to your pages.

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