Invest in UX Design: Reap its Benefits

These days more and more people seem to be inquisitive about UX design and want to know how it could help them grow their business. In simple terms, UX design is an approach which takes into consideration all facets of a product or a service with the user, be it tangible, like usability, flow, etc., or intangible, like pleasure, emotions, etc.

Statistics reveal that a good UX design increases product sales by 70 per cent. Making a resolve to invest in UX design would prove to be nothing less than a game changer for your business.

Here is a list of benefits you would reap by spending money in UX design:

Spectacular Rise in Return on Investment (ROI)

There is no reason why you should have second thoughts regarding ROI on UX design. The studies and researches provide ample empirical evidences to ease your fears. Statistics tell that developers spend 50 per cent of their time on projects reworking and correcting the interface based on customer usage. This not only becomes tedious, but also costly. On the other hand, if the same issue can be fixed during the design phase, that would be not only easier, but way cheaper too. Robert Pressman, in his book Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach, argues, that for every dollar spent on UX design, you save $10 fixing the issues during development, and $100 after the product is released.

The above figures speak for themselves and unequivocally make a strong case for investing in UX design.

Spurt in Returning Customers and Increase in Customer Loyalty

Seventy per cent projects fail due to lack of user acceptance. However, once a user develops an affinity for your product through positive user experience, it is highly unlikely that they will leave, culminating in growth of customer loyalty. Positive user experience will cause the customers to come again and again, eventually resulting in a solid base of returning customers, which would increase the sales. By investing in UX design, you can decrease the bounce rate by up to a whopping 50 per cent.

Turns your Users into your Marketing Team

Brands which take UX into consideration, apart from enjoying customer loyalty, also convert their customers into their sales people. As people are highly likely to recommend what they find high on usability, positive user experience automatically results in people becoming brand ambassadors for your product or service. The branding in this case happens through the old, yet relevant, and most efficient means –word of mouth. And the best part of the word of mouth style of branding is that it exponentially increases the credibility of the brand.

Reduction in After-sales Expenses

A badly designed and executed product will not only hamper sales, but will also increase the after-sales costs resulting from an increase in dissatisfied customers asking for replacements or a fix. However, by investing on UX design, you can ensure that your customers are satisfied, and your customer care/support desk receives fewer customer complaints. Happy customers will significantly reduce the after-sales costs, and add on to your profits.

Final Point

There are enough facts which prove that investing in UX design will provide you with an edge in your business. Let’s get started!

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