Multilingual Squarespace Site Examples

It’s time we address this! Squarespace users keep asking us for examples of multilingual Squarespace websites. They keep hearing about Bablic being the best solution for translating Squarespace but it seems they want to see it in action before they commit to Bablic, and that’s fine! If you really want to know though, there’s no real commitment to Bablic since we offer a free trial that doesn’t even require you to use a credit card. If you’d like to test Bablic on your own Squarespace website instead of looking at examples just visit our homepage.

Multilingual Squarespace

The 9 multilingual Squarespace websites below are all using Bablic’s website translation solution. For those who aren’t familiar with Bablic, it’s extremely easy to use. Basically, it lets you translate your Squarespace website with just one line of code. You just enter your Squarespace website URL on and select the language you want to add. Bablic will then load your website in that language (machine translated for free) in our user-friendly, visual, editor. You can then manually edit all of the elements you see (text, images, css, forms, error msgs, etc) just by right-clicking on them. Once you’re happy with the results simply click Activate Now and paste the our one line of code onto your Squarespace header using the Squarespace code injection feature. If you need any help at all with integration simply reach out to [email protected] and we’ll be glad to help turn your site into a multilingual Squarespace website. Keep in mind, Bablic works perfectly with all Squarespace themes as well as lets you achieve a fully multilingual Squarespace 7 site.

The multilingual Squarespace examples below are in no particular order, we’re fans of all of them!

Squarespace Multilingual Template is a tool managing software that promises to let you get more work done with less equipment, a bold statement they aren’t afraid to make. Toolsquid uses Bablic’s website translation solution to add French to their English website. They are using the extra small Bablic widget on a white background.

Multilingual Squarespace Website is an online retailer of hand-made Italian shoes and boots. They have designed and sold premium quality hand-made Italian shoes and boots for over 25 years. They chose Bablic in order to add Danish to their website. You’ll notice they aren’t even using Bablic’s default website translation widget, they went custom and added a language link in their top navigation/menu.

Multilingual Squarespace Sites is actually quite the genius app! It basically lets you enjoy a movie in theaters but in your language, even if the movie is playing in English. You basically download the Hollywood produced audio track for the movie you’re going to watch. Once you get to the theater, start the app, sync it with the movie and put your headphones on. You’ll be watching the movie like everyone else but listening to your own version (Spanish) even though the rest of the theater is listening to the original language. Subtitles are a thing of the past. chose Bablic to have a multilingual Squarespace site. They added Spanish and designed their own language switching widget.

Multilingual Squarespace Site is more of a personal website/blog where creative designer shares him passion for all things design including fashion, furniture and jewelry. is originally an Italian website and they used Bablic to translate it into an English one, making it a multilingual Squarespace site with just one line of code. They are using the default Bablic widget on a black ground which fits perfectly with their theme.

Squarespace Multilingual Support lets you access & share a secure copy of instrument data, software, and knowledge from anywhere. A quite unique product that chose to go with Bablic in order to translate Squarespace website. They added Spanish and French to their website and currently use the default Bablic language switcher as you can see floating close to the top-right.

Squarespace Multilingual helps you plan a tailor made vacation to Mauritius. They are a family-owned business who make it their mission to show you a good time in Mauritius and take all of the pain away from travel planning. Their Squarespace website was originally in Italian and they chose to add French and English in order to turn it into a multilingual Squarespace website. They are also using the default Bablic widget as you can see in the above screenshot of their beautiful homepage.

Squarespace Multilingual Websites – I guess it is pretty obvious what this Squarespace website is about but they still deserve an introduction. The Canadian Medical Cannabis Council (CMCC) represents stakeholders who are committed to advancing the highest standards of integrity, safety, quality, access, security & research within Canada’s medical cannabis industry. Bablic helped add French to their Squarespace website which is an extremely important language in Canada. They are also using the Bablic widget but went with letters instead of flags as well as changed the color to match their finely designed Squarespace site.

Multilingual Squarespace provides business and IT consulting services to help your organization succeed. They can help in many sectors including manufacturing, distribution, insurance, pharmaceuticals and more. Bablic helped add English to their website which was originally in French. They are actually based in Quebec were businesses are obligated to have French on their website so Bablic made their life much easier by letting them translate their Squarespace site with just one line of code. They are using the default Bablic widget but on a white background.

Squarespace Multilingual Sites is actually an amazing product I will probably order when I get around to it. They offer the “world’s best universal tablet stands”. Really, they have a unique collection of stands for all of your tablets/mobile devices and at affordable prices. Bablic helped add Spanish, French and Chinese to their Squarespace website within minutes with just a line of code. It seems they kept the default Bablic widget as well which suits their Squarespace site perfectly.

That’s it!

We hope 9 multilingual Squarespace website examples are enough to get you to visit and enter your Squarespace URL in order to translate it. Bablic also has a free trial so as I mentioned above, no reason not to try it. If you’re having any issues at all with the integration, or even want a coupon/discount on one of our  paid plans simply reach out to [email protected]

If you’re ready to jump in and translate your Squarespace site check out our step-by-step Squarespace translation tutorial here.

Have a multilingual Squarespace site? Let us know in the comment section below, we may just include it in our next Squarespace website examples post!


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