For translators

Are you a translation agency? A freelance translator?

Bablic allows you to deliver a complete website localization project from A to Z without programming! You focus on the translation while Bablic takes care of the rest.

And through Bablic’s new and easy interface you can provide value added services like CSS adaptation, graphic localization and more.

Translators worldwide are already using Bablic to localize websites for their clients quickly and with no effort!

As more and more content becomes available online, website localization grows increasingly important. Whether you are an agency or a freelance translator, you know that translation alone is no longer sufficient to meet the needs of your customers.

Companies require turnkey solutions that require minimal effort on their part, so you need to be able to make the translated content available online, maintaining all the features that go with it: links, formatting, CSS, graphics etc.

Many translators are not able to accept website localization projects at all, because they lack the expertise to deliver results beyond the mere translation. Many others outsource the job to an external web developer, usually losing margins and making things slower and more expensive for customers.

Bablic is the only solution that automates content localization and allows you to focus on translation while still achieving amazing results instantly.

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