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  • Multilingual website made easy! Smart translation and editing tool lands in Japan

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    Easy multi-lingual wesites. Smart tool arrives to Japan

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    FinSMEs - Bablic completes pre-seed funding round with wadi ventures

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    Bablic, the most advanced, automatic, web content localization solution completes pre-seed round from Wadi Ventures.

    read more... 30/09/2013

  • מה זה בעצם?

    Bablic is a SaaS solution that completely automates the website localization process. We are able to turn mono-lingual websites into multi-lingual (using professional human translation) by simply pasting a code snippet in the site. This significantly reduces costs & execution times for תרגום אתרים. Bablic works with any website and requires no programming, no project management and no alteration to the website's existing CMS system.


    As an experienced web developer, Ishai Jaffe (Bablic’s co-founder and CTO) struggled more than once with web localization projects. After countless hours and significant frustration he decided to leverage his expertise in automation algorithms to make the process more efficient. Bablic was born: an automated system that would allow website owners to make website localization as easy as copy/paste. When Gabriele Manasse (Bablic’s co-founder and CEO) joined in Bablic started to take shape as a company and it’s now among the most – if not THE most – advanced localization solution in the market.

    Why businesses love us

    יותר ויותר אתרים נדרשים להיות רב-לשוני עבור מגוון רחב של סיבות: המרה, UX, SEO וכו 'ובכל זאת, לוקליזציה נשארה מאמץ מורכב ויקר. לא רק התרגום של תוכן אבל כל המשימות הנדרשות לביצועו, המהוות לעד 40% מהעלות הכוללת (נותר 60% הוא בילה על תרגום): הדפים חדשים, תפריטי שפה, הסתגלות CSS, קישורים וכו 'זה דורש זמן, משאבים מוקדשים וניהול פרויקטים ייעודי. Bablic משנה את כל מה שטוב.

    Some facts

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    • Founding team:
      • Gabriele Manasse, CEO
      • Ishai Jaffe, CTO
    • Received pre-seed investment from Wadi Ventures
    • Finalist at the Elevator World Tour in Tel Aviv (2014)
    • Google Launchpad alumni
    • Solution works on any site, regardless of underlying technology
    • Solution works on both web and mobile
    • It is the only solution in the market able to achieve complete localization. Bablic handles text, rich media, dynamic content and style (including adaptation for right-to-left languages).

    For updates follow us on Facebook, Twitter or on our בלוג.

    "שוק הלוקליזציה הוא בצורך בפתרון כגון Bablic של."

    Sagi Adiv, Founder at SimpliWise, Head of Localization at Conduit

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Bablic is the most cost-effective and advanced website translation service available to small & medium businesses, web agencies and more. Translate your website by simply adding one-line of code onto your pages using Bablic.