11 Killer Shopify Apps That Will Help You Grow Your Business

Updated August 2019

Shopify currently has over 1200 Shopify Apps available for download in their App Store. With such a vast choice, it can be difficult to decide which Shopify Apps are useful or not. We’re here to help. We’ve curated a list of 11 killer Shopify Apps that will help you grow your business.

The Shopify Apps listed are either completely free, free for a trial period, free with the option to upgrade or free with in-app purchases. The apps covered relate to four business growth categories:

  1. Marketing
  2. Sales
  3. Social Media
  4. Customer service

Our List of Killer Shopify Apps That Will Help You Grow Your Business for 2019:

Marketing Shopify Apps

#1 MailChimp – E-mail Marketing

If you think e-mail marketing is dead, think again. Google this topic to see the many articles highlighting it’s power. It’s still a highly effective marketing tool. According to the Direct Marketing Association, it offers a 4.300 percent ROI. An E-mail Marketing tool then, is a must have. It’s essential for customer communication and business growth.

Consider The MailChimp Shopify App.  All customers and sales data is automatically added to Mailchimp. You’re able to automate workflows, up-sell, and create targeted campaigns based on unique shopping behavior. For example, you can send a follow-up e-mail after a customer purchase where you recommend similar products. All in all, the MailChimp Shopify App is a powerful tool and more so when used with your Shopify Store.

#2 Sweet Tooth – Loyalty Programs


Creating loyalty programs drive sales long after the initial purchases. The 10 000 +merchants that use this App realize a 15% year-on-year increase in revenue and a 20% increase in repeat purchases.

Sweet Tooth allows you to setup and manages your own reward program. It rewards for referrals, purchases, social follows and more! Such is the confidence in the app, that the makers base the pricing model on actual growth in the loyalty program.

#3 Plug in SEO – Optimize Your Site So People Can Find You


SEO is vitally important. If you’re not showing up in search engines or ranking, how do you expect consumers to find you? There are currently over 86 000 store owners that use Plug in SEO. The free version provides instructions, code, and e-mail alerts about what needs fixing.

This app checks all the essentials i.e. meta descriptions, titles, speed, blog post structure and more. For more extensive features we recommend upgrading to a Plus Plan for $20 per month. But the free plan is perfect for small businesses and the one man show:


Sales Shopify Apps

#4 Facebook Store – Create an Extra Sales Channel


Add an additional sales channel with the Facebook Store App. This creates the opportunity to sell from within Facebook and you’re also able to add a Shopify Tab in your Facebook store.

This presents more opportunities to increase traffic to your Shopify store and improve sales. Aside from an added sales channel, social sharing is easier. Products sync automatically between the two channels.

#5 Better Coupon Box – Increase Social Media Followers Through Coupons


People enjoy nothing more than a sweet deal. Better Coupon Box allows you to to create customizable coupon pop-ups for increased conversion and sales.

Offer discounts in exchange for social media followers and customize the forms according to your unique requirements. Integrations with e-mail marketing services – e.g. Mailchimp – are seamless.

#6 In Cart Upsell – Increase Basket Size at Check Out


You want to maximize your revenue at every possible opportunity, of this, I have no doubt. This means up-selling where you can. With the Shopify App, In Cart Upsell, you can do exactly this.

It shows Non-invasive discounts to shoppers right before check-out. The main goal is to increase basket size and sales for you. The app bases pop-ups on a shopper’s cart and the “bank” of offers you’ve set-up in the back-end.

Social Media Shopify Apps

#7 Check Out Hero – Increase Social Media Referrals

Check Out Hero

As with In Cart UpSell, Check Out Hero, aims to maximize the final stage of the buying process. The difference is that with Check Out Hero, the goal isn’t to increase sales directly on the spot.

Rather Check Out Hero offers an incentive – e.g. a discount – if shoppers share via Facebook or Twitter. The idea is that the social media referrals justify passing a discount on to the shopper.

#8 Add Shoppers Social Share Buttons – What shares are generating sales?


What is the value of a like? The Add Shoppers Social Share buttons close the loop between engagement and sales. You can analyze shares per product, see who’s sharing and which shares are leading to sales. Analytics, ROI tracking, and socials share buttons are all free. There are a remaining 9 in-app-purchases

#9 AddThis – Enable Sharing Across the Web


Used by over 12 million domains worldwide in over 70 languages AddThis is one of the most popular social media sharing tools. This Shopify App allows your visitors to share your content to over 300 hundred social media networks. You’re provided with tools to measure what’s being shared, how it’s being shared and when it’s being shared.

Customer Service Shopify Apps

#10 Tidio Chat – Solve Customer Problems and Improve Your Bottom Line


Live chat allows you to please your customer by solving their problems on the spot. No longer do they have to wait in long queues or on the telephone. It speeds up your customer service. Live chat also directly affects your bottom line. According to Nate Johnson of PlasticPrinters.com live chat rakes in an extra $65000 per month for their business.

Tidio Chat is one such live chat app. It’s simple to install and integrates with your pages within seconds. The app is available on IOS, Android, and Desktop meaning you’re always connected to your store to assist customers. A free trial is available, thereafter it’s $12/month.

#11 Help Center – Reduce Customer Services Queries and Drive Traffic


Whilst live chat is one way to help customers, why not consider a FAQ page? The Help Center Shopify App allows you to create an attractive, branded FAQ page. This can reduce support time spent on requests by 30%. It’s also a smart move from an SEO point of view.

By including answers to questions people frequently ask, together with relevant keywords, you’re providing content that solves people’s problems. Content is, after all, your most important aspect of your SEO. In fact, Google prioritizes it. So what are you waiting for? Get building? Creating a FAQ page to not only improve your customer service but drive traffic.


Don’t forget about the Bablic Shopify App which allows you to easily translate your Shopify store. Take advantage of our 14-day free trial, no credit card required!

Bablic Shopify Translation

There we have it, 11 of the best Shopify Apps to help you grow your business. For further apps, be sure to visit the Shopify App Store. What other apps do you use?

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