Translate your Weebly website with Bablic

You asked, “How to translate Weebly websites?” – We’re answering!

Translate Weebly Sites

We’ve gotten several emails, over the past few days alone, asking if Bablic can translate Weebly websites and how to do so. Bablic is actually a great solution for translating Weebly sites and it works perfectly. What’s great about Bablic x Weebly is that unlike using Weebly’s recommended way to translate your website, with Bablic you don’t need to create an additional website or to pay for one. Imagine adding 5 languages to your Weebly site, using Weebly’s recommended method you’d have to pay for 5 monthly plans just for that one website, but not with Bablic!

You’ll also have to actually re-create the website 5 times with new content for each language, imagine how time consuming that is!

Now the good stuff: Bablic. Bablic website translation allows you to simply translate your Weebly website by just adding one line of code to the header section of your Weebly site. Bablic lets you choose from machine translation or professional human translation right from its editor. You can also manually edit text, images and even CSS/style in order to make sure your Weebly site’s look and feel stays consistent in all of the languages you choose to offer. Achieve all of that and more with just one click of a button right from our user-friendly editor.

Ready to translate your Weebly site? Follow the detailed step-by-step guide below and achieve complete Weebly localization within minutes. Don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] if you have any questions or need help translating your Weebly website using Bablic. Keep in mind, you’ll need to sign up at in order to translate your Weebly website, Bablic offers a free forever plan with limited features, give it a try right on the homepage.

1) Open the “Design” section

From your Weebly Dashboard select the project that you want to edit, then click “design“. Take a look at the image below for reference.

Translate Weebly

2) Click on “Edit CSS/HTML” button

In the left settings sidebar, scroll down until you see the “Edit CSS/HTML” button and click on it. As seen in the image below.

Translate Your Weebly Site

3) Click on the 1st file under “HEADER TYPE”

In the code editor sidebar, click on the first file that appears under the HEADER TYPE folder. Make sure to apply step 4 (adding Bablic’s code) to all of the files under the HEADER TYPE folder.

Translating Weebly Sites

4) Add Bablic’s code

In the code section on the right (as seen in the image below) simply paste your Bablic code snippet right before the </HEAD> tag.

How to Translate Weebly

5) Save and Publish

Make sure to click the top right Save button as well as to Publish your new translated Weebly website.

Multilingual Weebly site


You’re done! Just please make sure to enter the Bablic code on all of the pages under the HEADER TYPE folder in the code editor.

Your new Weebly website should have the Bablic language selection widget and it should look something like this:

Translate Weebly Websites


If you followed all of the steps and still don’t see the Bablic language selection on your Weebly website please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we’ll gladly help and offer full assistance in order to translate your Weebly website as soon as possible.

Keep in mind, Bablic works with many other platforms including Weebly alternatives such as Webflow and Squarespace. Take a look at our “Translate Webflow Sites” and “Translate Squarespace Sites” guides if ever needed!

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