How will Bablic transform your WordPress site?

It’s time to take the plunge.  Now that you’ve decided to localize your WordPress website, you’re probably shopping around and comparing translation options.

That can be confusing.  So we’ll cut to the chase and make the decision easier.

You probably chose WordPress because it offers not only simplicity and ease of use but tremendous power when it comes to content management.  That’s why the big guns, like,, Zillow, and The New Yorker all count on WordPress to keep their sites up and running seamlessly.  

Zero downtime, zero excuses.

Bablic for WordPress: Hassle-Free, Zero Excuses

“Zero excuses” is also our motto when it comes to the Bablic experience.  We believe localizing should be this simple:

  • Visual Editor – Hands-down, this is our users’ favorite part of Bablic.  With our Visual Editor, you don’t have to remember which components go where, which elements have been localized and which haven’t, because you can tell at a glance.  Swap in localized images and tweak machine translations with just a few clicks.
  • Powerful management console – Bablic lets you import and export to a variety of formats and roll back to previous versions of any page.  And with its built-in glossary, it remembers site-specific terminology it grows more intelligent over time.
  • SEO friendly – Localizing your presence isn’t enough without findability.  With WordPress, in conjunction with Bablic’s unique “plug-and-play” approach, a single easy-to-configure plugin gets you get a fully SEO-compatible version of your site (including content, URL structure, meta tags etc.) for automatic search engine indexing in every country you enter.
  • Built for content and ecommerce – You’ll get the best of both worlds with 100% WooCommerce translation support built right in.  Bablic lets you quickly swap content in and out, and remembers users’ language preferences throughout your site (and all the way to checkout and beyond if you’re an ecommerce site), providing a consistent native-language experience.
  • CSS and styleYou’ve put so much thought (and money) into the look and feel of your site.  No matter what language you’re offering, Bablic lets you fine-tune every page on your site, in every language, so every user gets a consistent, gorgeous experience in their own language.

At Bablic, our “zero excuses” philosophy means we put as much care and attention into designing our product as you have into designing your site – so we can give you more of what you love about WordPress:  simplicity, ease of use, and a powerful, hassle-free experience that takes the weight off your shoulders.

Why Localize?

Think about why you’re localizing in the first place.

We don’t have to tell you that localization will grow your business by expanding into new markets.  You’ve put so much work into your site, and localization gives you the most ROI for the least effort, leveraging content you already have with new users, clients, or customers.  But you have to do it right.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that the biggest part of localizing their WordPress site is translation.  In fact, translation is only one piece of the puzzle. It’s an important piece, but as too many business owners have discovered, true localization requires a total solution, not just translation.

Localization needs a solid understanding of the culture and business practices in the market you’re expanding into, which is one reason Bablic lets you add collaborators to your site, to ensure that your localized content can be updated by other members of your team.

But another big part of localization, maybe the biggest part, is ongoing management.  Remember we said translation is only one piece of the puzzle? Well, imagine trying to put together a puzzle – without a table underneath.  

Obviously, you wouldn’t even try it!  When you’re doing a jigsaw puzzle, the table is an essential element, even if we sometimes take it for granted.  A table provides a solid foundation, ensuring that you can keep all the pieces together, and seeing at a glance what goes where.

Total Localization Management

That’s what Bablic does for your WordPress site.  Bablic is a total content management system for your localized site.  It keeps all the pieces right where you need them, at a glance, while our Visual Editor makes it easy for you get all those pieces fitting together just right.  Almost as easy as putting together a puzzle.

We know it’s overwhelming to wade through the sea of options when it comes to localization.  That’s why we do all we can to make your decision easy. Here’s what we can tell you: Bablic users are happy users.  Over 96% of our customers stick around for two years or more… because they know Bablic offers more.

  • More of what they love about WordPress.  
  • More power to do what they want with their site, when they want.  
  • More control over the look and functionality of their site or store.
  • More in-depth, authentic interaction with site visitors.

Which translates to more time on site, more engagement, more revenue… and more of why you created your site in the first place.

If you still have questions about how Bablic can take your WordPress site into new markets with hassle-free localization, please get in touch at [email protected]

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