5 Useful Digital Marketing Insights from a Deep Dive into Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful SEO tool designed to help you fully optimize your website.

This blog lists out 5 important SEO insights you can obtain from an in-depth study of your website’s Google Analytics to boost its online performance.

Let’s get down to the brass tacks:

1. Determine which online campaigns bring the most traffic

Analytics helps you track traffic from local search directories, enabling you to determine which of your listings are more successful. To enable tracking, you need to build an advanced segment via the ‘Advanced Segments’ dropdown.

Some examples of local searches are given below:

  • maps.google.com/maps/ for Google Places
  • bingplaces.com for Bing Places
  • insiderpages.com for Insider Pages
  • foursquare.com for Foursquare
  • yelp.com for Yelp listing

The data you obtain by enabling tracking will provide you with important insights for creating a sound marketing strategy.

2. Monitor engagement levels of visitors on mobile

Google Analytics allows you to monitor mobile traffic to your website as well as the engagement levels of mobile visitors. A few ways to optimize monitoring mobile engagement are:

  • Adding a mobile segment to view the number of mobile conversions at the specific-page level.
  • Identifying pages with high mobile bounce rates.
  • Comparing mobile and desktop bounce rate metrics of the same page to get an insight into the users’ mobile and desktop experience.

mobile traffic in google analytics

3. Use the search bar data to get into the minds of your visitors

If your website has an internal search option, using Analytics can enable you to dig deep into your search data to find out what exactly visitors are looking for. It can also tell you about the number of people searching for each specific keyword.

It is important to extract the right insights from this data. For instance, if the number of visitors using the search bar has gone up, it could indicate that users are finding it difficult to obtain the specific content using the ‘Menus’ option.

The search terms generated by visitors can also be a valuable source for content ideas. For example, if you find that the site is lacking useful content on a topic many visitors are searching for, adding that information will provide users with a reason to stick to your website.

Also, you may notice a greater number of searches for specific products or services, prompting you to give it more prominence on the site.

4. Check bounce rates to find out what users like and what they don’t

High bounce rates generally indicate visitors aren’t impressed with what they found on the website, although this may not be always true.

bounce rate google analytics

One of the major reasons of a high site bounce rate is poor UI/UX. A mismatch between what the site promises, and the actual content, is another common reason for high bounce rates. Sometimes, visitors may arrive on the site following a long-tail, niche search keyword, but when they actually read the content on the site, they find a mismatch between the content and the query, resulting in a ‘bounce’.

5. Compare conversion rates between mobile and desktop

Mobile internet users now decisively outnumber desktop internet users. Hence, having a mobile and tablet version of your site is a must.

It is important to ensure a seamless mobile and tablet experience for your visitors. For instance, if your site involves a multi-step checkout process or 5+ form fields, users are going to find it hard to navigate it with their thumbs. Hence, it’s best to reduce the steps to a minimum.

mobile and desktop

Use the ‘Audience’ section in Analytics to learn how your mobile and tablet conversions compare with desktop. This will help you plan your funds and allocate resources in a more efficient manner.

To sum it all up, Google Analytics provides a highly effective toolkit for you to gain an insight into what is happening on your website. A proper understanding of Google Analytics can help you strengthen your online presence and bring numerous business benefits.

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