Translate your CrateJoy Website with Bablic

Looking to grow your CrateJoy subscription business? There’s no easier way to do so than by adding languages to your CrateJoy website! Thanks to Bablic, the whole translating Cratejoy websites process has become much much easier.

Translating CrateJoy

Bablic is a unique website translation solution that lets you easily translate your CrateJoy website with just one-line of code. Basically, you enter your CrateJoy URL on our homepage and select the language you want to add. It’ll load your CrateJoy website in our editor and start off with machine translation. Once in our user-friendly editor, you can manually edit all of the elements you see (text, images, css, error msgs, forms, etc) simply by right-clicking on them. When you’re ready, simply click ACTIVATE NOW and paste our line of code into your CrateJoy header and that’s all!

Bablic x CrateJoy Translation Tutorial

Follow our detailed, step-by-step, CrateJoy translation tutorial and reach new markets by the end of the day!

Login to your CrateJoy admin panel and let’s get this started.

1) Open the Designer Section

First open the “Design” section from the left navigation/toolbar and then click on “Designer” as seen in the two screenshots below.

Translate CrateJoy Websites

Translate CrateJoy

2) Open the Site Settings Section

Start off by opening the “Settings” section and then continue to the “Site Settings” section. The two screenshots below show the exact process.

Translating CrateJoy Websites


Now click on “Site Settings“.

CrateJoy Translation

3) Paste the Bablic Code

It’s finally time to paste Bablic’s precious line of code into your CrateJoy HEADER in order to translate your website. Take a look at the screenshot below for reference.

Translate Your CrateJoy Website

Don’t forget to “Save“.

CrateJoy Website Translation


Now visit the Bablic Editor once again and click “Publish” in order for the additional languages to start appearing on your website.

If you have any questions, concerns or simply need help with the integration please contact us at [email protected] – we’ll be happy to talk!

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