Two Sure-Shot Steps for Multiplying Your Website Traffic with Translation

A little step may help you attract tons of new traffic to your website and boost your sales exponentially. All you need to do is to translate your content into the languages that your target audiences speak.

As more and more businesses are growing global, they are getting exposure to audiences residing in different countries and speaking diverse languages. Though English is the most recognized language in the world, that doesn’t mean that everybody understands it. A considerable part of US residents speaks Spanish, and in general cities are becoming more and more diverse with language speakers from all over the world.

Limiting your website to a single language probably leads to you missing out on these audiences. Converting even a fraction of these audiences may add quite a bit of brand new dollars in the pipeline.

So why lose them out?

Here are two steps to open up your website to people speaking different languages:

1. Determine the Source of Your Traffic

You have to start by assessing where your traffic is coming from. Knowing the origin of your visitors will help you decide which languages to translate the content to.

Google Analytics will help you get data regarding traffic. In the section named Reports > Acquisition > Channels you will be able to segment traffic according to source and add multiple dimensions to gain a clear understanding of where your users come from.

Google Analytics Stats

This data would reveal how you should move ahead with your translation project. For instance, if a major chunk of your traffic is coming from France, Germany and Sweden, you may consider having your content translated to French, German and Swedish.

For traffic coming to social media, you may tag your posts and content using Bitly, a link shortening and tracking service. Bitly allows you to track where the traffic is coming from, something that basic analytics on social media cannot pick.

2. Find the Right Translation Resource

You need to discover a resource that may take care of all your requirements. Bablic fits perfectly in this scenario, offering you all different options when it comes to translation –

  • machine translation (fully editable)
  • professional human translation (starting from $0.06/word)
  • manual DIY translation, with the possibility of adding multiple collaborators

To get the translation live on your site  all you need to do is copy and paste the Bablic code snippet in your website. It takes less than a minute and does not require any programming skills.

Bablic automatically detects any updates on your website and manages its translation according to your preferences. This ensures that all language versions are kept in line with each other and updated.

Bablic is able to localize any type of website – static or dynamic – on any device, and it integrates seamlessly with all the latest web technologies and frameworks.

The service offers several plans to choose from. Also you may checkout  Bablic pricing here

Bablic Pricing

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