3 Effective Ways to Boost Squarespace Traffic

It’s been a few months since you’ve created your Squarespace Website for your business. Aesthetically your site is an absolute gem and you know your product or service will solve your customers’ problems by providing immense value. But you’ve looked at your Google Analytics stats and your traffic stats are dismal.

You know that to survive and make money you need more website traffic. Hell, this is a given.  How though do you go about this? How do you increase your Squarespace traffic, traffic that ultimately presents an opportunity for a sale?

In this blog post, we highlight 3 effective ways for you to do this, namely: blogging, leveraging social media, and tweaking your SEO.

1. Blogging: Create High-Value Content


Firstly, create a blog. Blogging is an effective way to achieve more indexed pages in Google. In fact, research has shown that blogging consistently allows businesses to achieve  434% more indexed pages on search engines. More indexed pages for your Squarespace site = more traffic.

The important thing though is to create high-value content. High-value content is content your audience finds so valuable that they share it, talk about it with friends, and happily link back to it. This is content that focuses on the audience, their problems, and offers solutions to these problems. This is content that doesn’t focus on the organization and their achievements.

By blogging and creating this high-value content you improve your search engine visibility and drive more traffic to your site. Here are some blogging pointers:

Consistent Blogging Schedule

Maintain a consistent blogging schedule and stick to it, whether it’s once, twice, three, or more times a week. For example, what would you think about an organization that hasn’t updated their blog in ages? Probably that they aren’t doing too well. A consistent blogging schedule builds trust in your brand and also keeps Google happy from an SEO perspective.

Focus on your audience: it’s not about you

Focus on your audience. Focus on content that solves their problems. For example, if you’re selling laptops you might find that consumers are struggling to decide what laptops are suitable for their needs. With mentions of RAM, processors, hard drives, and all those technical terms reserved for IT gurus, it becomes increasingly difficult.

To solve this you could create a blog post that lists 7 factors to guide them in their laptop purchase decision e.g. If they are traveling and working a lot out of coffee shops, a lighter laptop with more battery power would be more suitable.

Consider Long Form Content

There is an increasing amount of research suggesting you focus on long-form content. BuzzSumo recently analyzed the results of seven independent studies. They found that long-form content, on average, generates the most shares and ranks better in search engines.

And Neil Patel explores this and shows that longer content usually fairs better. Most articles of 2000 words or more are more likely to be searchable, have higher search engine listings, and are more likely to increase the amount of backlinks you receive. Back-links are of course one of the most important aspects of your SEO.

Optimize Your Blog Posts

In a nutshell: set a title with the keyword, create a meta description, include an image, and make use of tags and categories. Once you’ve created and optimized your high-value blog content, share it on social media.

2. Share Content on Social Media


Share across the various social media channels to boost your Squarespace traffic. You can make use of automated social sharing platforms like Buffer or Hootsuite. These platforms  allow you to schedule content weeks in advance. This means you don’t even have to be in the office!

Each social media channel will have a variety of tools and best practices to get the most out of their platform. For example, a recent post on the Bablic Blog, highlights 8 ways to use Facebook to increase traffic to your Squarespace site. Tips include (to name a few):

  1. Make your images big.
  2. Write short, compelling updates
  3. Include Questions
  4. Make use of short video

And the best times to share social media content? Well, this will vary from business to business and according to the social network. So, there’s no right answer here. However, this blog post on Hubspot should point you in the right direction

3. Improve Your SEO


Simply put, by improving your Squarespace SEO you increase your visibility in search engines and better visibility leads to higher Squarespace traffic. Aside from blogging and creating high-value content, the following tips will assist in improving your SEO:

  1. Submit a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. Sitemaps are a list of files that gives hints to Google on how to crawl your site. Click here to find your Squarespace sitemap.
  2. Optimize your search engine descriptions – fill this out correctly in the back-end of Squarespace.
  3. Tweak your site title and descriptions – this is one of the most crucial aspects and appears in search engine result pages, web sites, and browsers.
  4. Customize page title and page descriptions – page titles should be 55 characters and meta descriptions no more than 160 characters.
  5. Focus on keywords – include keywords in your title, page description, and slug.
  6. Conduct keyword research – MOZ highlights five resources you can start using immediately
  7. Create a FAQ page – one of the most underutilized and highly valuable pages on a website. Create a resource of frequently answered questions. But instead of answering all the questions on one page, include hyperlinks to each individual questions/theme. This is better from an SEO perspective.

By blogging, providing content of high value, sharing content across social media platforms, and improving your SEO you should be well on your way to boosting your Squarespace traffic.

What techniques do you use to drive more traffic to your site?

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