4 Big Ways Website Translation Aids Business Growth

If you thought English was the most widely used language, think again! A simple analysis of your website’s analytics will reveal that your site has visitors from countries around the world. And a simple Google search will tell you that more than half of these countries do not have English as their primary language.

The core of any business is to expand without any boundaries… and establishing a good communication is an effective way of ensuring that you reach out to people from all walks of life. And how do you break the communication barrier and tap into the wider market? Simple! Website translation happens to be that one major step!

Choosing a website translator can boost your business growth and take you one step closer to achieving your goals.  Here’s a quick look at the many advantages a multilingual website brings to expanding your market to foreign lands…

Increases credibility and international reach

According to a recent study conducted by Harvard, it was found that loyal customers are mostly consumers who get emotionally connected to a business or a product, more than those who save money or receive any other benefit. So, if you intend to strike that emotional chord with your potential customers, communicate with them in their native language. This will not just increase your overall client base by tapping into the international market, but will also help you build a credible image within your target audience. A multilingual website will make each user feel unique, and you will end up retaining their attention much longer.

Creates brand identity and increases engagement

Local customers are often found spending numerous hours merely trying to get a hang of the information provided by websites. However, when you opt for website translation, you are one step forward in creating a global brand. You are not only showing your audience that you speak their language, but by paying attention to other features such as messaging and chat boxes in local languages, you show them that you care deeply. This positive experience results in higher user engagement and word of mouth recommendations that will create and boost your brand identity.

Improves SEO and traffic


Google Analytics Traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the core of any online business. A strong SEO is what affects your website appearing on top of search engine results. In short, SEO is a reflection of how well your website is creating an effective communication. Thus, having your website translated is your one step forward in establishing that communication. Further, having translated web pages with unique URLs creates more backlinks and adds on to the promotion of your website ranking. An improved SEO leads to better results, better results leads to more users, and more users ultimately leads to more sales. Hence, you’re able to hit the nail on its head with respect to search engines with a simple translation tool.


Expanding your business worldwide can be an expensive affair, and website translation is your cheapest option to either test the international waters or go all-in. Several businesses worldwide have realized the fool-proof benefits of website translation and are employing this well proven tactic method to good effect. And once your multilingual website starts driving sales, you can analyze your markets better and decide on curbing or furthering your investment towards localization and expansion.

In sum, using a translation service to translate your website has the potential to grow your business tremendously. Communicating with customers worldwide and expanding your reach at an affordable price is your ultimate road to success!

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