4 Reasons Why Animation Can Be a Game Changer for Your Marketing Strategies

Today, any well-crafted marketing strategy relies heavily on videos. With estimates suggesting that by 2019, videos will account for 80% of the global consumer traffic online, no business can afford to miss out on this pivotal component of digital promotion.

With their higher retention rate (80% viewers can recall a video they viewed a month back), amazing click-through rate (a video in an email increases the click-through rate by 200-300%) and wider organic reach (videos on social media have 135% more organic reach than photographs), videos have become the best weapon in your arsenal to cast a spell on your target audience.

However, the primary reason why many businesses shy away from exploiting videos or are inconsistent with their use is because of the complexity and the cost associated with them.

However, with animation videos becoming the flavor of the season, it is easier to jump the gun and reap dividends without making much investment. Their popularity and acceptance could be gauged from the fact that out of the 50 best explainer videos, only 7 are non-animation.

This blog explains 4 reasons why using animation videos can turn out to be a real game changer for your marketing strategies:

1. Animation is Hassle-Free Compared to Real-Life Video

Shooting a short commercial of just 2 minutes is a daunting task. Right from finding the perfect location to finalizing the cast and from acquiring state–of-the-art equipment to incurring huge production costs, there are many reasons why many discourage investing in real-life videos.

In contrast, animation does not require such a huge investment and you do not have to bother about the associated hassles. All you’ll need is an expert animator with a decent laptop and you can create masterpieces.

2. Animation Increases Social Shares and Boosts Conversion Rate

Animation, especially white board videos, is engaging and has an emotive appeal. Precisely because they give the reader the pleasure of watching someone draw something live, which then takes them to the nostalgic days of their childhood. Cartoon characters in particular take them back to the good old days, which according to science, has the power to filter out negative emotions.

Indeed, the above claims are empirically hard to prove and are intangible; however, the statistics associated with animation are surely going to convince you.

According to a study, animation is shared 12 times more than regular content and results in a whopping 70% boost in conversion rates.

3. Animation is Easier to Modify as per Requirement

Imagine you started off your business with just two services and now have added another one. And now you want to amend your intro video with this added service.

If you have a real-life intro video, there will be no other way other than to redo it as making amends to an already-shot video is impossible. However, with animation, you can easily insert something new or make changes to your video without much hassle and save much of your time, money, and effort that you will otherwise have to spend in going for an entirely new video.

Last Word

Using animation in marketing is not just easy on the pocket, it significantly increases user engagement too and leaves a positive impact (as nostalgia removes negative emotions) on the psyche of the viewer.

Turning to animation will not just be a smart but the right move also.

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