4 Tips to Design Your Landing Page to Perfection

A well-designed landing page plays a key role in converting leads. Whether you pull traffic through PPC ads or a meticulously planned email campaign, social media pages or other digital platforms, if your landing page fails to make an impact, your money, time, and efforts all go in vain.

Also, if a user does not find what brought them to a landing page in the first place, they will not hesitate in hitting the close button immediately. Too many of such incidences will naturally lead to a higher bounce rate.

Keeping users hooked to a landing page and guiding them to make the choices you want them to make is indeed challenging. However, a carefully designed landing page will save the day for you.

However, what are some sure-shot ways that will help one create a landing page that will tilt the balance in one’s favor?

In simple terms, only a design based on user experience is going to click with users. Anything that is created by not taking the user into consideration is bound to fail today.

This blog discusses 4 tips that will help you design a landing page that will strike a chord with users:

Keep It Simple & Focused

Keep it simple, when you get too complex you forget the obvious” [Al McGuire]

The very reason you have made your landing page is because you want to achieve a well-defined objective. Often, making a landing page too flashy or too cluttered with content confuses users and distracts them from the main agenda.

Being a minimalist is the key to getting a most successful landing page designed for yourself.

Add Trust Factor

You may be offering the best product at the best price, but there are chances that users might not be interested in it. Reason? They do not trust you enough.

Trust factor is a must to give a final push to users to do what you intend them to do. A testimonial from one of your previous clients can do wonders in instilling confidence among your new clients and prompt them to seal the deal with you.

Be Mobile-Friendly

mobile friendly test

Today, the world boasts of a total of 2.7 billion smartphone users and the figure is expected to cross the 3-billion mark in the coming years. Besides, when it comes to usage, the percentage of website visits through mobile devices grew from 57% to 63% from 2016-2017.

The above figures need no interpretation. Not building a mobile-friendly website may result in one losing out on 63% of the potential users.

Clear Call-to-Action

Call to action button

It would be no exaggeration to call CTA the heart of a landing page. It should be clearly visible and one should have no difficulty in seeing it. It helps in sending across the point to the user the moment they land on the page.

To sum it up, a landing page should be centered around your objectives and it should not be too broad; otherwise, it will leave the user distracted. The mobile version of a website is a must, or else there is going to be many missed opportunities. Also, testimonials are key in influencing the decision of the user.



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