5 Reasons Why Social Media is Important for Your Business

Over the past decade, social media has revolutionized the way people communicate, and it has also affected buying, selling, knowledge sharing, perception building and almost every other important aspect of our lives. However, when it comes to business, social media has become a blessed platform that offers everything a venture requires, be it customer base, visibility, engagement or any other thing for that matter.

In other words, social media today has become indispensable for all businesses irrespective of their domain. It really does not matter whether you are into apparel, selling translation software or delivering groceries, your presence on social networking sites is a must. Right from top-performing businesses to fledgling start-ups, social media marketing is one factor that is common to all.

If you are yet to exploit this phenomenon to your advantage, this blog gives you 5 compelling reasons to take the plunge today:

Here we go:

1. Your Prospective Customers Spend Their Time There

Out of the world’s total population of 7.5 billion, more than 3 billion, which roughly corresponds to 40% of the total population globally, are active on social media. It is important to note that those who are active on social media fall in the age bracket of 15 – 64, which is nothing but the most economically viable section of the global society.

Hence, if you target people only on this platform and leave all others, you do not have anything to lose.

2. Your Brand’s Visibility Shoots Up

It is interesting to note that more than 30% of the overall online activities of an average person is about engagement and interaction on social channels. The figure simply doubles when smartphones come into the picture.

The above statistics indicate the potential social media has when it comes to building brand awareness. Hence, by promoting yourself on social media, particularly through sponsored ads (which have the option to selectively target people based on a particular age group, city, common interest etc.), you can easily enhance your brand’s recognition in the minds of your target users.

3. You Get a Feel of User Experience

Social media is all about engagement. Through interactions in the form of likes, comments, retweets, shares etc., you get to know the reactions of your prospective customers to a particular product, service or the overall image of your business. This, undoubtedly, helps you make changes to your products or operations in order to cater to the requirements and demands of your end users.

Social media engagement acts like a real-time feedback, which helps you run your business in synch with your customers’ expectations.

4 You Can Take Your Business Global

Thanks to the technological advancement, the world is gradually becoming smaller and smaller. Unlike the past, where taking one’s business global was a daunting task, today, with the help of social media, you can reach out to people in any part of the world at the click of a button.

You do not have to spend money on buying your offshore office or make a big hole in your pocket by signing up for costly marketing services. Just make a page, identify your audience and get going. In fact, social media pages act as a virtual offshore office for you.

5. Your Sales Get a Boost

Last but not least, adding social media marketing to your arsenal helps you improve your sales. Naturally, when you reach out to a wider basket of users, your chances of lead conversion increase significantly.

To sum it all up, social media is a quick, efficient and cost-effective way to widen your customer reach, boost your sales, enhance your visibility and win customers’ trust.

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