5 Reasons Why Your Website is Not Generating Business

Gone are the days when websites were used just to add some credibility to a business. Today, everything from airline tickets to plumbing services, real estate properties to stationery items, and even groceries or home appliances, everything is searched, compared, and often bought online. This metamorphic change has made online presence a must and websites indispensable for any business.

A strategic use of websites can be a real game changer for your business. However, if your site is not able to live up to its potential, chances are it might have certain issues that could be holding it back.

Below are 5 major reasons why a website fails to generate business:

Ordinary SEO

Nothing explains the significance of an impeccable SEO better than the clichéd statement “The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google search results.” Estimates reveal more than 93% users never go beyond page 1.

Hence, it really does not matter if you have made a world-class website; if your SEO is not up to scratch, few will land on your website.

As the total number of websites is expected to cross the 2-billion mark, one needs to ensure that enough efforts are being made regularly to make one’s website stand out from the crowd.

Ineffective Use of Social Media

social media marketing

Social media boasts of more than 2.7 billion users, mostly from the economically viable age bracket. This makes social media marketing one of the most effective ways to reach out to one’s target audience.

Paid ads, engaging pages, and the tactical use of social media influencers prove to be some of the golden rules that help generate leads, increase page visits, and boost conversions.

Outdated Design

A website’s design, which primarily includes its flow and presentation, holds the key and ensures that users do not bounce back. In other words, a website must fare better in terms of user experience. This means that the older style wherein white space constituted a major portion of a website would be a no-no.

The home page or the landing page should be designed keeping in mind users’ preferences. In addition to this, the site must have a mobile-friendly version too as the percentage of people browsing on smartphones has surpassed all others.

Elusive CTAs

Elusive CTAs Buttons

Call to Action (CTA) buttons are crucial when it comes to generating leads. If your web page is full of information but it does not clearly tell the user the steps they may be interested in taking, perhaps the whole effort might go waste.

CTAs are basically like the stars in the night sky that you deliberately put in the way of users to make them follow the path that you want them to traverse.

CTAs should be catchy and motivating.

Lack of Human Touch

Businesses are built on trust, which in turn is built through transparency, easy approach, and knowledge about the one you are associating with.

So, a website that does not have interactive details about the company, profiles of key people, quick response time etc. may fail to appeal to users.

Make sure that your website reflects who you are and conveys your true spirit and motto so that it intangibly gives a more human experience to the surfer.

To sum it up, there could be a variety of reasons why a website is failing to make the desired impact. It could be one of the above-mentioned reasons, a combination of two, or all of them.

In today’s world where more than 93% of all online activities begins with a search engine, having a meticulously planned, designed, and built website is of paramount importance.

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