5 Tips To Best Utilize Instagram for Marketing

Launched in 2010, Instagram quickly gained popularity, particularly among the millennials. The number of active users increased exponentially from 10 million in the first year to a whopping 1 billion in 2018.

Today, Instagram is second to Facebook when it comes to user engagement and every day, on an average, more than 80 million photographs are shared. Besides, if we look at engagement with brands, Instagram tops the list. Statistically, the brands on Instagram connect with their potential customers respectively a10 and 54 times more than those on Facebook and  Pinterest.

The above figures do not leave any doubt about the significance of Instagram vis-a-vis marketing today. However, only a tactical use of this platform can guarantee the desired results.

Here are 5 key tips to best leverage Instagram:

1. Be Creative

This point would definitely sound obvious, but ingenuity is without a doubt the soul of Instagram marketing. If your picture is good enough to spark curiosity, mesmerize aesthetically, captivate emotionally, and lure delightfully, your job is done.

You have to constantly reinvent your pictures, color combinations, click-angle etc. to ensure they continue to appeal to your users.

2. Shift to Business Profile

If you are marketing on Instagram using your regular profile, rest assured that you are missing out on a lot of tools that will help you boost your game.

Unlike a regular profile, a business account gives you access to “Insights”, Instagram’s analytical tools, which tells you precisely how your post is doing in terms of reach and popularity. Also, the ease in contacting with someone just by clicking the contact button results in better customer engagement.

3. Mind Your Hashtags

Instagram marketing

Many think that the more hashtags they use, the better it is. However, the fact is that a few well-targeted hashtags are far better than a plethora of irrelevant ones.

It is also important to not use general or overused hashtags like #tea, #friends, #foodlovers etc. The fact that everyone is using them diminishes your chances to stand out.

Try to be unique and specific with your hashtags so that you never miss to target your target audience.

4. Engage Users

You may share a beautiful post, but it will not be enough. You have to find out novel ways to engage with users.

Whether it is by making them write captions or soliciting answers to some challenging questions, users need to be kept engaged. Even if one has to shell out a few freebies for the sake of engagement, it is alright.

5. Rope in Influencers

Instagram influencers are one sure-shot way to reach out to the masses in the shortest possible time. It is true that many of them charge exorbitantly for a single post, but you can always use multiple micro influencers, instead of big celebrities, to test the platform.

You may also mention others in your Instagram post with the tacit understanding that they will promote you in return.

A majority of youngsters belonging to the age bracket 18 – 34 are actively using Instagram to learn about the latest and the hottest trends. According to a study, Instagram influences the buying decision of almost 75% of the users. The statistics are eye-opening and it is about time you scale up your Instagram engagement.

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