6 of The Best SEO Tools That Will Boost Your Weebly Site Rankings

If the mere mention of the word SEO gives you feelings of dread, then this post is for you. Perhaps you perceive SEO as a mythical creature that you don’t truly understand? The fact of the matter is, it isn’t as hard as it’s made out to be and you needn’t spend loads of money  and countless hours worrying about it.

The goal of SEO is simple really. The idea is to make your site visible amongst search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc). There are ample SEO tools available on the internet to simplify the process of getting your site ranked on the first few pages of search engines, if not the first page!

Here are 6 of the best SEO tools that will give you piece of mind and help you boost your Weebly site ranking, drive traffic and generate more sales!

#1 Google Webmaster Tools

The first SEO tool we have is Google Webmaster Tools. This should be the first tool you use when you publish your site. Use it to verify your site and allow Google to index your pages through submitting a Site Map.

Verify your website


  1. Sign into Google, click the “Add Property Button”.
  2. Type in the URL of your website and click continue.
  3. Choose from verification methods. Weebly recommends the HTML tag option. Click this option.
  4. Copy and paste the code provided.
  5. Visit your Weebly editor and locate your homepage.
  6. Click advanced settings where the header code section should appear.
  7. Copy and paste the code from earlier in here.

Submit a Site Map


Following verification, it’s time to submit a Site Map. Site Maps allows Google to crawl and understand your website. This process is very simple.

  1. Go to your Dashboard.
  2. Click on Site Maps.
  3. Click Add Site Map.
  4. Add “sitemap.XML” into the box
  5. Click submit and you’re done!
  6. You need to wait a couple of days to weeks before this takes full effect.

You can also verify and submit your site using Bing Webmaster Tools.

#2 Verify with Norton and McAfee


This is not required if you’ve published via a sub-domain of Weebly as your site will use Weebly’s safety rankings.

But why is verifying your website via Norton of Mcafee important?

  1. Increases click -through rates from search results in Google as it’s a trusted source
  2. It also helps in moving your website up the rankings as Google sees your site as safe when crawling it.

To verify with Norton do the following:

  1. Visit Norton Safeweb and sign-in.
  2. Visit your profile and go to “site dispute”.
  3. Click “add site”.
  4. Enter your website’s URL.
  5. Select meta-tag verification.
  6. Paste the code int the header of the site.
  7. Publish your site and lick “verify now”
  8. Then click “rate my site”.
  9. You will wait several weeks.

To rate your site with McAfee visit the Trusted Source login, where you can select your product, enter your URL and submit. This process is a lot faster than Norton.

#3 Use Powr FAQ


Create a Frequently Answered Question Page by using PowrFAQ. This may be a technique or tool that is completely unknown to you. But it’s incredibly powerful.

Why? Consider the aim of a search engine. It’s there to match what people are searching for with content websites provide. If there are regular questions or problems or choice of words as it relates to your product, chances are that by addressing those problems through a FAQ page and including relevant keywords, you will improve your SEO ranking (dependant on other factors too though).

With PowrFAQ you’re able to create media rich FAQ pages, with images, videos, and links. The App is free, but for $2.99 you can enjoy the full features. Visit the Weebly App center to download it and start using it.

#4 Site Booster


Site Booster is an SEO tool that allows you to publish your business details in places that matter such as search engines and business directories and review sites e.g. Yelp. This ensures your site shows up in local searches.The app also seamlessly integrates with online Maps, Pinterest, and Whatsapp.

You’re given two free listings with the free plan. For advanced features and premium listings, upgrade at the cost of $6.99/month. It’s available for download within the Weebly App Centre.

#5 Buzz Sumo


Creating high-value content that solves potential customers problems is essential if you want to improve your SEO. After all, content is the most important aspect of your SEO strategy. So when compiling blog posts, consider using the Buzz Sumo SEO tool. It allows you to investigate what content is performing well across different topics and competitors.

All you need to do is type the keywords you wish to rank for to see which content is the most popular on the web. Rather than re-inventing the wheel, analyze the content. Can you approach it in a different way? What alternative title can you use? For example, if you come across an article titled “10 Websites That Will Blow Your Mind”, make it a larger article and change the title e.g. 25 Websites You Never Knew Existed.

It’s free with a daily search limit, but you’re able to upgrade to a premium plan for $99/month.

#6 Moz


SEO guru, Rand Fishkin is the founder of Moz. Moz is a powerful SEO tool that will grow your online visibility.It provides keyword research, link building, site audits to see what content is performing well, and information on how to optimize your pages. Start using it with a free 30-day trial and upgrade to a top-tier plan for $99/month.

Whilst SEO may seem daunting, It needn’t be. The above SEO tools should serve as a great starting point to improve your visibility in search engines, ultimately improving the SEO for your Weebly site. Do you use any of these SEO tools?

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