7 Ways Kit Will Boost Your Shopify Store Growth

All over the world, small business owners like yourself are faced with the similar, yet unique challenge of growing their business. Often the issue isn’t that their product or service isn’t good enough, it’s simply that they don’t dedicate enough time to marketing. And this can be due to a combination of factors. Firstly, there’s a lot vying for their attention and they simply have limited time at their disposal, with an unlimited amount that needs to get done. Secondly, they lack the budget. And lastly, they may even lack the know-how about how to market online. I’m currently seeing this first hand with a friend of mine who’s struggling to make sales. He’s struggling to grow his business.

The harsh reality is, if you’re not marketing and selling, you will fail, no matter how great your product is. The question then is: How do you overcome this? While there may be many different answers to this question, we found a Shopify App called Kit that can help you grow your online Shopify store.

What is Kit?

Kit is a virtual employee that solves the above problems faced by small business and solo-entrepreneurs. Here’s an introduction to Kit on the Shopify website.

“I’ll communicate with you via SMS, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram. I’ll send you a text, ask you a couple questions to learn about your business, make suggestions for marketing initiatives, and all you have to do is say “yes”. It’s really that simple!”

Kit is a professional, personal marketing assistant. It will send you a text on a daily basis with marketing suggestions. Kit integrates with your Shopify store and handles all of your marketing efforts. From email marketing, Facebook and Instagram advertising, to winning over potentially lost customers due to cart abandonment, Kit does it all. And it doesn’t only do what you say, it thinks ahead and makes recommendations. Watch the video below to learn more:

Such is the power of kit, that one client – cited in an article by Shopify on Kit and it’s benefits -saw a 220% return on his advertising spend. That’s nothing to sneeze at. Now that you have an idea of what Kit is and how it can solve your problems let’s jump into the specifics of what Kit can do for you.

1. Kit Helps You Grow Your Facebook Fans

We’re not talking about fake likes. You know those ones that pages get from click farms (yes, it’s a real thing)? You know those ones where you have someone who seemingly isn’t even in your target market liking your page? I’m sure you do.

Rather Kit focuses on capturing an engaging audience and will build this from 0-100, from day one. This is also important as Facebook uses this as a basis to determine what sort of customers you’re targeting in the future. These customers are also known as your Lookalike Audience.

2. Kit Helps You With Ad Targeting

Kit then will help you target these Lookalike Audiences. Targeting the right audience is crucial for your ROI, and ultimately the success of your business. All you have to do is tell Kit what you want to accomplish with the ad and how much you want to spend. This applies to both Facebook and Instagram advertising.

3. Creates Facebook and Instagram Ads that sell

Create Facebook advertisements by simply answering three simple questions pertaining to whether you’d like to run the ad, what product you want to promote and what your budget is. Together with information Kit pulls from the store, Kit creates a preview of the ad, which you can approve or make further tweaks to. Kit also creates previews for Instagram advertisements based on the same information.

4. Posts Facebook Updates to Boost Your Online Presence

Aside from creating ads, Kit can also assist with publishing Facebook updates on your behalf. This automates your marketing, saving you time and giving you peace of mind knowing your business growth is taken care of, and in good hands.

5. Helps With Cart Abandonment


Statistics show that 67.45% of online shoppers abandon their carts before making a purchase. Now imagine if you could convert these potential customers? It’s possible with Kit. Let me explain.

Kit Seamlessly integrates with other Shopify Sales Apps; one such app being Kit Kart. Kit Kart will send you an SMS notifying you of the previous day’s abandoned carts. By simply replying with a “Yes” to allow for follow-up e-mails, Kit Kart will send emails to all customers who abandoned their carts, giving them a slight push to make a purchase. Kit Cart is only available if you upgrade from the basic plan ($10/month) to the pro plan ($24/month).

6. Kit Integrates With Other Shopify Apps

Integration with other Shopify Apps takes place through an app known as Kit Skills. By integrating with other Shopify Apps, you don’t find yourself jumping between apps. Your marketing efforts with Kit will be taken to the next level with app integration. Here are three (among others) apps – in addition to Kit Karts- that integrate with Kit:

  1. Retargeting on Autopilot – turn visitors into customers through re-targeting ads on Facebook and Instagram
  2. Product Discount – we discussed this in a post on “5 of The Best Shopify Sales Apps“. But just to recap, the idea is to sell more on your online store through price reductions. It’s the number one Shopify Sales App.
  3. Pop-ups – build your email list, drive conversions, and reduce cart abandonment with this app by Justuno.

7. Helps You Prioritize and Accomplish Goals


Kit helps you prioritize with Kit Goals. Kit Goals will help you set goals based on your unique business needs and works with you to achieve these goals. For example, if you want to increase your sales by 15% – you can simply tell the app you want to do this and Kit takes care of the rest.

Final Thoughts

Kit is a powerful tool to help you – the solo-entrepreneur and/or small business owner. Because let’s face it you face unique challenges. You have a lot on your plate, your budget is tight, and often you simply lack the experience to grow your business.

Not only will Kit help with your marketing efforts, but it will free up time to focus on other important business activities e.g. inventory management, building partnerships, and creating new product lines. And with seamless integration options with other apps and smart technology that recommends certain marketing efforts before you’ve thought of them, Kit is an indispensable tool to drive your Shopify store growth.

Have you tried Kit?

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