After Reading This, You Will Immediately Localize Your Website

Website localization may not have been important a decade back; however, today, its significance is established beyond any doubt. The changes brought by the advancement in technology have altered the way businesses operate.

Unlike the past, when products were manufactured keeping in mind the commonality among people in order to cater to a wider audience, customization and personalization are what businesses zero in on now. Today, the success of any business depends on how user-centric it is in its offerings.

When it comes to striking a chord with users through a website, localization works best. Website localization lets you give each of your potential customers a personalized experience that not only helps them stay longer on your site, but also assists in developing trust at the psychological level.

This blog discusses what website localization is and how it is crucial for your business.

Website Localization – Definition

In simple terms, website localization involves tweaking your website’s language, design, and look and feel in accordance with the culture, tastes, and sensitivities of the users in the region you are targeting. It specifically entails changing of images, color combinations, CTAs, and, in fact, everything that may influence a user’s decision.

Translation Is Not Localization

Many confuse localization with translation. It is important to note that translation is indeed the first step toward localization, but it is just the first. Localization requires a deeper understanding of the culture and history of the targeted region so that the site does not contain anything that may hurt users’ beliefs.

What Website Localization Does

Localization does wonders to one’s business. Below is a list of some of its positive effects:

Helps You Grow – Website localization helps you transform your business from local to global. It becomes your cheapest offshore office in a foreign land.

More Visitors on Site – Since more than 70% users are browsing the internet in their local language, adding a new language helps you big time in getting relevant traffic.

SEO Benefits – Selling in one language makes you compete for keywords in one language only. Making your site multilingual gives you an edge SEO-wise.

Builds Trust – Offering products in users’ regional language without hurting or offending their deepest beliefs and values naturally builds trust.

Enhance Brand Value – Taking your product to a different region helps you enhance your overall brand value.

Increases Revenue – Last but not least, website localization helps you multiply your revenue by giving you a new client set.


Website Localization helps you strike that perfect cord with users the moment they land on your website. It is instrumental in making visitors fall in love with your site in the first instance itself.

This helps in significantly reducing the bounce rate and increasing the site rankings on Google. Since localization allows you to widen your pool of customers almost immediately, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to expand your business.

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