Bablic Dashboard: Detailed Overview of Pages and Translation Projects

Today’s tutorial on the Bablic Dashboard will focus on the Pages and Translation Projects.

Access these features on the left navigation bar once you’ve signed in to your Bablic account.

Pages and Transaltion Projects - Bablic Dashboard


Next to each page you can see a status bar showing what percentage of that page has been translated. You can switch to see how much has been translated manually or via machine by clicking on the links at the top.

Pages - Machine vs Human - Bablic Dashboard

The pages tab provides a summary of all the translated content on your website. You can click on each page to access the content of that page and its translation. Otherwise, you can click on View Content for all Pages to see the translation for all the content content the entire website regardless of where it appears.

Pages - Click on View Content - Bablic Dashboard

Once you have accessed any of the pages, you will see a list of all the content in the page and its translation. You can manually edit the translation as you wish. Don’t forget to click on the “Publish Changes” button at the top to make sure your changes are published on the live site.

Pages - All Content - Bablic Dashboard

You can also filter the elements by their status (Translated, not translated etc.) or use the search box to find specific content.

You also have the option of excluding and including entire pages from translation and selecting between machine and human translation.

Let’s explore this a little more.

Excluding, Searching and Filtering Pages

From the page list, select your language in the top bar to see all the content for that specific language.

In this example, I’ll be using Spanish.

Searching and Filtering Content - Bablic Dashboard

As you can see there is an “Exclude” button next to each page. If you exclude a page Bablic will completely ignore that page. The language menu and the translation will not be shown.

Using the search function, search for any page on your site and filter by their status (Included, Excluded, etc.)

Pages - Exculsions - Bablic Dashboard

You can also export and export translations from your site. Make sure you select the same format as the export when you import your content back into Bablic. You can access these features from the Options menu at the top of the screen. There you will also find the option to scan your entire site to look for content. This is particularly useful if you are a new user and Bablic has not yet seen all the content in your site.

Pages - Click on Options - Bablic Dashboard

For example, clicking on Scan Website will take you to the following popup:

Pages - Click on Scan Website - Bablic Dashboard

This will indicate how many pages and words are in your website. Later on you will be able to send content to translation by selecting specific pages..

Translating Pages

It’s possible to select specific pages you want to translate. Simply use the check boxes on the side to select the pages you want to translate. Once you have selected the pages you can click on the buttons at the top to choose form machine or human translation.

Pages - Include or Exculde - Bablic Dashboard

This method can also be used to exclude multiple pages at once instead of excluding one by one. For example, when clicking exclude you’re presented with the following popup:

Pages - Click on Exclude - Bablic Dashboard

Choose from excluding for the selected language or all languages.

Once you’re happy with your selection, decide between Machine or Human Translate. Selecting Human Translate takes you to the Translation Projects Page.

Translation Projects

We’ve partnered with translation providers who can take care of your content professionally. When accessing the translation projects page from the dashboard (also accessible from within the Visual Editor) you’re presented with a summary of current translation projects.

Translation Projects - 3rd Party Providers - Bablic Dashboard

Chances are you don’t have any translation projects at this point, so head on over and create one.

Translation Projects - Click On New Project - Bablic Dashboard

This screen will pop up.

Translation Projects - Select Language Popup - Bablic Dashboard

Select the language you want to translate your content into and click continue to open the human translation widget.

Translation Projects - Professional Human Translation - Bablic Dashboard

Select the pages you want to translate. Exclude pages by removing the tick.

Translation Projects - Professional Human Translation - Select Pages - Bablic Dashboard

You’ll see that the both the word count and the cost of translation decreases as you exclude pages.

Once you’re happy with your selection click on Create Project. Bablic will take you to the following page for a final review the content before sending it off for translation. You can click on a given page to review the content inside that page and even exclude single words or sentences.

Translation Projects - Professional Human Translation - Review Screen - Bablic Dashboard

Again, as you make changes you can track costs. There’s a project summary box in the right showing the price “starting at”. When you’re done, it’s time to select your service.Translation Projects - Professional Human Translation - Click On Select Service - Bablic DashboardChoose from several providers, offering different prices for your translation depending on the quality you need.

Translation Projects - Professional Human Translation - Select Provider - Bablic Dashboard

Once you selected the translation providerse, you can fill out the following form with the category, vocabulary type, target reader group, and extra notes to help the translator do his work. Make sure all this information is correct before proceeding as you cannot change this once sent.

Translation Projects - Professional Human Translation - Instructions Form - Bablic DashboardNow, hit send translation.

Translation Projects - Professional Human Translation - Send Project Popup - Bablic Dashboard

Take note: you only provide credit card details later.

That concludes an overview of the Pages and Translation Projects in Bablic’s Dashboard. If you have any further questions, leave a comment below or contact us at [email protected].

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