Bablic Localization is Going to Japan

Aniwo is joining forces with Bablic to bring website localization to small and medium businesses in Japan.

Bablic Japanese Translation

For those of you who speak Japanese, here’s the official press release where Aniwo announced the partnership in Japan last week.

In short, based on their experience in Japan, the team at Aniwo quickly understood there’s a huge need for a service like Bablic and moved promptly to partner up with us in order to provide a user-friendly, cost-effective, solution to a popular problem.

Seems they were right since the release gathered quite the buzz on social media as well as being reposted and discussed in several different websites and blogs such as here and here.

Localization is becoming a bigger and bigger need especially in countries like Japan – many companies had a product or service they want to market to the world but unfortunately are deterred from making the move due to the high costs, extensive resources and neverending timeline associated with properly translating a website.

That was all before Bablic, and Aniwo quickly realized that. Bablic allows you to easily translate/localize your website with just one line of code. Bablic starts you off with machine translation and then lets you manually edit text, images and even CSS/style in order to improve the machine translation and achieve a properly localized website. Manually editing translated content isn’t your thing? No problem, add collaborators or even order professional human translation through us with just one click.

Bablic allows for deeper customization as well – for example you can edit Meta Tags for your localized version in order to help with SEO, get a multilingual sitemap or even customize the Bablic language switching widget to match the look and feel of your website.

A tool like Bablic is a game changer for small to medium businesses and we’re glad Aniwo sees that potential as well as how helpful this can be to businesses in Japan looking to increase their bottom line by entering markets.

We’re also glad to announce the Japanese version of Bablic – impressed?

That could be you today, just enter your URL on our homepage to get started.


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