Bablic vs. Langify: Which is Better for Your Shopify Store?

Previously, we compared two website translation tools for WordPress: Bablic and WPML. Today we shift our attention to two solutions for Shopify: Bablic and langify.

If you’re a serious Shopify store owner, you understand the value of having a multilingual storefront. Just in case you’re not convinced here are a few statistics:

  • 73% of internet users do not browse in English
  • 46% of internet users do not purchase products in other languages.

People who visit your store come from different countries and speak different languages. If you don’t cater to their language, you risk losing a sale which has a direct effect on your bottom line. And you don’t want that!

While you may recognize the value of a multilingual storefront, choosing the right solution can prove difficult. There are many factors to consider such as usability and price.

To help you choose, we’ll compare two website translation solutions: Bablic and Langify. We’ll analyze both, compare them against one another and then deliver our verdict.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.


Bablic website translation platform

Bablic is a new website translations platform which is transforming the face of website localization. With machine translation at its core, getting started is easy.

Simply paste 1 line of code, and the platform will automatically translate your entire website into a new language, in a matter of minutes.  This is just to show the ability to preview your site immediately thanks to machine translation. Bablic do not recommend using machine translation for your entire site.

Features include:

  1. Support for the newest web technologies and frameworks such as Ajax and Javascript.
  2. Automatic language detection based on browser language preferences.
  3. Ability to manually translate content and connect with professional translations.
  4. Ability to import content and invite collaborators,
  5. Built-in international SEO features. You can make your store 100% indexable on search engines for each language you add. (crucial if you want to optimize your product listings for increased traffic, conversions, and sales).
  6. Separate language domains.
  7. Customizable URLs. You can choose a domain, sub-domains, and more.
  8. Translation of meta tags
  9. A simple plugin you can install to get up-and-running quickly.
  10. Automatic content detection and translation of the content into the new language
  11. Responsive editing so that you can switch between desktop, mobile, and tablet.
  12. A visual editor so that you can make on-page edits to your site.

With the visual editor, you can translate any element on your site. This includes text, check out information, emails, pages, menus, widgets, tabs and even the styling of the page.

Flags (Vertical) - Multipule Languages - Change Color - Bablic Visual Editor

Simply right click the element you want to edit, make changes, and view the results in real-time as you work.

Bablic offers different packages depending on your translation needs. The basic plan starts at $12/month and gives you one extra language, 25,000 page views, and 20,000 machine words.


langify web translation app

The langify app has been the go-to solution for Shopify website localization for some time. The developer, Johannes Hodde, created a powerful, cost-effective solution for turning any Shopify storefront into a multilingual one.

The many positive reviews about the usability and support show just how popular langify is. Starting at $17.50 it’s a cost-effective website translation app that offers many powerful features. These include:

  1. Automatic language detection based on the browser language.
  2. The ability for shoppers to manually choose a language.
  3. Multiple domains for different languages. You can separate your language by subdomain so Google can crawl your site.
  4. SEO support which includes the translation of meta tags
  5. Support for right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.
  6. Ability to import and export translations across different file formats such as JSON and CSV.
  7. Translating your site without having to prepare themes.
  8. The Translation of collections, blog posts, page descriptions, page titles, images, product variants, and much, much more.
  9. Unlimited translations.

Despite the many features, there are a few drawbacks. On the checkout page, you cannot translate the product name and customer payment info; it shows up in the original language of your site.

The app also doesn’t automatically translate content; they explicitly state this on the Shopify app store.

The Showdown

So, how do the two website translation solutions compare? Both are reliable options for translating your Shopify store and both excel at the following:

  1. They offer multilingual SEO options to drive traffic, conversions, and sales.
  2. They provide quality support.
  3. They provide automatic language detection.
  4. They offer multiple language domains.
  5. They let you update the meta tags for improved SEO.
  6. Both are intuitive and easy-to-use.

Now, how do they differ?

  1. Langify is an app. Bablic is a complete platform if you run your blog on wordpress you cannot use Langify. With Bablic you can cover all your web properties.
  2. Bablic provides more value; offering more features at an affordable price.
  3. Langify doesn’t offer automatic translation, Bablic does.
  4. Langify has limitations regarding the checkout pages, Bablic does not.
  5. Bablic provides a visual editor to make on-page edits which langify does not.

The Verdict + Conclusion

Langify is a solution used by many. It’s a solution that works; the many positive reviews are evidence of this. Both langify and Bablic excel in several areas such as SEO, support, and usability.

But, the reality is this: Bablic does exactly what the langify app does, and much more.

And, what really sets the two solutions apart is Bablic’s visual editor. It’s a step-forward in website localization. With an easy-to use interface, ability to make on-page edits, and view those changes in real-time, Bablic is the perfect solution for your multilingual Shopify storefront.

Are you ready to start using Bablic? With a free 14-day trial you have nothing to lose.

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