How to Customize The Bablic Language Widget

In today’s tutorial, I’ll show you how easy it is to customize the Bablic Language Widget.

It’s possible to change the color, size, and placement, and if you want even hide the widget.

For a quick review watch this video:

Keep reading  if you want more detailed information –

This is what the language widget looks like:

Language Switcher - Bablic Visual Editor

Accessing the Widget

The language widget is accessible from the Visual Editor:

Bablic Visual Editor

You can access customizations in two ways.

Firstly by right clicking from within the Visual Editor and clicking customize widget.

Customize widget - Bablic Visual Editor

Secondly, from the Options menu.

Customize Widget - Options Menu - Bablic Visual Editor

Regardless, once clicked you’ll be presented with the following screen:

Language widget - Bablic Visual Editor

You’re now ready to customize your widget.

**Don’t forget to click save once you’ve made your changes!

Widget Customization

Several customization options are available.

Mobile and Desktop

If you have a mobile-responsive site, you can customize the language selector differently for each version of the site. You can do so by switching between mobile and desktop from the tab on top.

Language Widget - Responsive Editing - Bablic Visual Editor

Hiding the Widget, Language, and Logo

Click on hide Bablic language widget if you want to hide it completely. If you hide it, the menu will not appear on the page at all.

Hide Language Widget - Bablic Visual Editor

You can also hide the current language of your translated site.

Hide Current Language - Bablic Visual Editor

Finally, don’t want to display the Bablic logo? Not a problem. Simply click hide Bablic logo.

Select Type

You have a choice between 5 different widget types:

Widget Type - Desktop - Bablic Visual Editor

For example, if you choose Flags (horizontal), it will display as follows:

Flags (Horizontal) - Single Languaage - Bablic Visual Editor

Also, select always expanded if you want all languages to be displayed, not only the current language.

Flags (Horizontal) - Bablic Visual Editor

Changing the color is also easy. Use the standard black or white, or select a custom color to blend in with your site.

Flags (Vertical) - Multipule Languages - Change Color - Bablic Visual Editor

Choose Your Size

Feel like changing the size of your widget? We got you covered. Choose from five different size options.

Language Widget Size - Bablic Visual Editor

Positioning Your Language Widget

Positioning your widget is also a breeze. Select from the two position modes:

Position Mode - Bablic Visual Editor

Select the sticky position if you want the widget to stay with the user when they scroll. This position will give you more freedom to move the widget around.

When you choose the fixed position the widget will be placed on a specific spot in the page and it will disappear from the screen if your users scroll down.

Based on your positioning mode, move the language widget around by clicking on the arrows, and use the move section to define the exact position by pixels, percent, em, rem or points.

Widget Position - Bablic Visual Editor

There we have it; I’ve covered all possible customizations. Why don’t you give it a try?

Again, don’t forget to save any changes you make.

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