How To Translate Your Magento Theme in Minutes!

Browsing trends have undergone a sea change over the past 10 years. Multilingual websites, which were often considered unnecessary, have become indispensable today. More than 70% users are browsing the internet in their native language and the numbers are only going to swell in the future.

Speaking the language of the user not just makes the latter understand things better, it also helps in developing trust. This is the main reason why more than 50% users do not shop unless products are offered to them in their native language.

Hence, if your Magento-based website is not doing so well, perhaps, adding a new language may revive it. And if it is already doing wonders (which we really hope is the case), your initiative will help you get an entirely new pool of customers that will take your business to the next level.

But the million-dollar question is – how does one translate a Magento theme?

Though too many software solutions promise a quick translation, only few are developed keeping in mind all the challenges that one may come across while translating a Magento-based website. This makes website translation tedious, complex, and frustrating at times.

However, with Bablic, you can have a smooth sail!

Bablic is one of the most cost-effective and all-encompassing website translation services that offers a quick fix to all the major issues that come up during the translation of a website. It has been especially designed to meet the growing demand for easy website translation and it has literally become a boon for small and medium scale businesses.

Here is how Bablic is different from other website translation services:

1 – Bablic is Quick!

When Bablic claims that you can translate a website in minutes, it is no exaggeration by any means. All you need to do is paste the one-line code onto your webpages using Bablic and you are done. It is as simple as that.

2 – Bablic is Simple!

One of the USPs of Bablic is that it is completely free of any complexity. You do not have to get involved in any complicated programming or coding. It is, as stated in the first point, just a simple copy-and-paste job.

3 – Bablic Lets You Truly Localize!

Not only Bablic allows you to choose, and even combine, between different translation types (machine, professional, DIY, through collaborators etc.). Besides translation, Bablic helps you tailor-make your website for users coming from different regions.

Bablic’s user-friendly interface allows you to make changes to fonts, font size, and other styling aspects. If you are not happy with a translated word or sentence, you may anytime make manual edits and save the changes.

It also offers easy options to replace images or videos in order to completely change the look and feel of a website.

To conclude, Bablic can prove to be an excellent tool to translate your Magento-based website or anything else for that matter. Not sure whether to make a move? Bablic offers 1 language for free; you may try and test before taking the final call.

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