Know Why Visitors Are Leaving Your Website

It is a feat in itself to successfully manage to draw visitors to your website. However, this accomplishment often becomes short-lived when the bounce rate on Google Analytics begins to rise. Simply put, bounce rate is the percentage of visitors leaving your website from the first page itself. In most of the cases, it suggests that the user did not find the site useful and chose to exit.

Technically, the longer a visitor stays on a website, the higher the chances of conversion. Conversely, a higher bounce rate is indicative of more potential customers lost. Hence, it becomes imperative to analyze what makes visitors leave your website and how you can fix it.

Let us get down to brass tacks:

1. Violating the Golden Rule of 4 Seconds

No one has all the time in the world. Everyone is looking for quick fixes and so are your targeted users. Make sure you do not breach the golden rule of 4 seconds when it comes to the loading of your webpage. It is common knowledge that people leave a site if its pages take more than 4 seconds to load. Anything less than 4 seconds is ideal; in fact, the lesser the better.

Longer loading time could stem from oversized images, too many JavaScript effects, use of custom fonts etc. Find out what the reason is and fix it. Period.

2. No or Bad Localization

Why will a customer remain glued to your website if they do not feel an emotional or a cultural affinity toward it? Will a customer stay if he or she does not understand the website’s language? Website localization is a must for global businesses. If you are doing well in one region and the opposite in another, chances are that either your site is not localized, or it’s not localized well enough. For amazing results, ensure that you hire good localization services.

3. Poor Content

Nothing is more off-putting then poor language. Surely, the previous sentence made you cringe, sorry for that, but we wanted to prove a point. Besides checking typo errors, make sure your content is flowing smoothly and is free from grammatical errors. Your website is your identity, and you certainly would not like it to be ruined.

4. No Clear and Catchy CTA Buttons

Call To Action (CTA) buttons are just like stars in the night sky, which help users navigate to their destination. However, what would happen if the sky is cloudy or the stars appear blurred? The user will feel lost. Think long and hard to come up with clear and catchy CTA buttons that literally “force” the users to click them, and guide them exactly where you want them to be.

5. Too Many Annoying Pop-Ups

Excess of anything is bad. However, excess of ads and pop-ups is not just bad, it’s very annoying. In order to connect with users and turn them into regular customers, you must not irritate them in the first place. An irked user will never stay on your site even if it offers them the required services on a platter, or even a better price compared to the competition.


Reducing the bounce rate of your site is extremely crucial for your business growth. Make sure it remains within the acceptable limit of 26-40 per cent so that you do not lose more of your potential customers as a result of this fixable issue.


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