The Ultimate List of Website Translation Tools, Platforms and Services

The translation world is complex. Whether you’re trying to translate your entire website or a single document, finding the right solution is difficult. This became clear when I researched website translation online.

Not only did finding solutions take time, but I felt overwhelmed by the number of alternatives available. From tools and platforms to services, and end-to-end solutions, the options were endless.

Maybe, it was my fault and had to do with how I was searching, or maybe it’s because there’s no definitive list on the internet. I felt the need for a list you can return to time and time again and share with your friends. One that not only saves you time but matches your needs.

Well, we’ve created that – the ultimate list of website translation tools, platforms, services and enterprise solutions.

Let’s dive in.

Website Translation Platforms

#1 Bablic

Bablic website translation platform

Bablic is one of the most powerful and cost effective website translation platforms. Manage your website localization, with a single line of code. With machine translation at its core, you can also manually update content.

They provide a powerful visual editor that lets you translate your website directly on -page. This is particularly useful as you can see the end-result of your work right away. Other features of the editor:

  1. Ability to instantly preview your site with a machine translation
  2. Edit the machine translation or place an order with a professional translator
  3. Easily edit content, change images or fix the styling of the page directly on your website with a simple click. See the final result in real-time as you work
  4. Bablic will automatically detect any update or new content on your website and will translate it according to your preferences. Keeping all language versions aligned and up to date has never been easier
  5. Easily switch between different versions of your site (Desktop/Mobile/Tablet) to make sure it looks its best in all languages, no matter what device your customers prefer
  6. Bablic supports all the newest web technologies and frameworks. No matter where your content comes from, AJAX, DB, Javascript or other, your customers will enjoy the full experience of your website in every language
  7. Full SEO Support – with Bablic you can make your site 100% indexable by search engines to improve your SEO ranking in all languages
  8. Fully customize the URL of your pages. Choose from domains, subdomain, subfolders and more
  9. Separate language Domains – Associate each language to a different domain or URL structure (e.g.,, etc.)
  10. Page Meta Tags – Translate all hidden content in the page for optimal SEO. You can translate meta tags, description, ALT text and more
  11. Staging/Production Environment – Implement Bablic on both your staging and production environment for accurate testing on all languages before your site goes live

The combination of price, features, and ease of use make this tool an excellent options for everything from small static websites all the way to large and complex web-apps (including e-commerce, booking etc.)

Bablic pricing starts at $15/month, with a free 14-day trial available.


As with Bablic, WOVN runs off of a base of machine translation.

WOVN also allows you to translate your website with a line of code. The process is simple: insert the code, add a page, hit translate, make manual changes and hit publish.

A free trial is available offering 15 pages, 1 language, static content and limited customization. For more advanced features and pages, upgrade – starting at $45/month.

#3 SDL Language Cloud

SDL Language Cloud is a cloud translation platform offering machine and professional translation.

Machine translation lets you choose from self-learning machines or custom machines. Using the self-learning software, the computer program will learn from your translations and provide suggestions as you type.

Use the cloud-based software to manage a project from an online dashboard and connect with affordable professional translators. View past-spend, create projects, track progress and build translation memory. Translation memory means the software remembers previously translated words.

The SDL language cloud uses SDL Trados software.

#4 SDL Trados Studio 2017

Is a great solution for businesses, translators, and project managers. Allows project managers to manage their team of translators and assign tasks.

Use the drag and drop features to start a new project and right click to open a file from windows explorer. Changing language direction is also a breeze.

A 30-day free trial is available or purchase it outright for € 2,495 from TranslationZone.

#5 InWhatLanguage

InWhatLanguage provides website translation, document translation, mobile app translation, software localization and more. The platform they use is UNIFY. It’s a cloud-based solution helping businesses manage entire translation projects. Here are some features:

  1. Simple user interface.
  2. Ability to create projects.
  3. Centrally managed translation projects.
  4. Client review section to track changes.
  5. Access to InWhatLanguage’s team of professional translators.
  6. Ability to integrate with other devices

Pricing isn’t available as you need to request a quote on a per project basis.

#6 PhraseApp

Although its forte is software localization, you can manage your website localization with Phrase App. Features include:

  1. Website localization on a dashboard.
  2. Ability to use your own team of translators or connect with professionals.
  3. Machine translation.
  4. Translation projects available centrally, allowing for easy tracking.
  5. Ability to collaborate with others.
  6. An editor so you can browse your website and make on-page edits.

A 14-day free trial is available. Thereafter you pay $83/month which for access to 50,000 managed words and an in-context editor.

#7 Crowdin

With Crowdin you can localize any type of content for mobile, web, desktop, apps, games, and help desks. They too provide a collaborative online editor with a collection of website translation tools. Organize translation yourself or access their in-house professionals

Project management features are available so you can track progress. Using in-content localization, you can make changes on the app itself.

Crowdin offers a 10-day free trial. Plans start at $19/month.

Ideal for marketers, developers, and international enterprises, OneSky provides translations for apps, games, and websites. They offer:

  1. Cloud platform to manage your translations using your own translators or professionals.
  2. Access to professional in over 50 countries.
  3. Ability to collaborate with email using the website translation tools.
  4. Ease of communication via broadcast or private message.
  5. Online web-based editor

Pricing is $89/month allowing you 10 collaborators. Or use the free forever plan with limited features i.e. 3 collaborators.

#8  Drupal Multilingual Platform

For those of you who don’t know Drupal, it’s an open source content management system like WordPress. Drupal 8 has built-in multilingual capabilities allowing you to translate your website in over 94 languages.

#9 WebTranslateIt

WebTranslateIt is a platform that combines translation management and software translation. The project management software lets you:

  1. Manage files and assign translators.
  2. Update translation files, anytime.
  3. Track work progress in real-time

Software translation is also simple with a text editor, dictionary, glossary, translation memory, and machine translation.

Sign-up for a free trial or get started for $49/month with access to unlimited languages.

#10 Translation Exchange

Translation Exchange is a localization platform for websites, apps, and global communications. Manage projects, see how many translations are in process, how close to completion they are and collaborate. Machine and professional translation is available.

Get started for free with a free trial or sign-up for the Starter package, starting at $49/month for 2 languages and 50,000 words.

#11 Localize

Localize focuses on app translation and provides an online cloud-based translation management system and access to 10,000 translators.

By adding a line of code your site is ready to translate. It also offers many plug and play integrations with popular platforms like WordPress, Django, and Squarespace.

A 14-day free trial is available. Pricing starts at $49/month for 2 languages and 100,000 pageviews.

#12 Localizer

Like many website translation platforms we’ve listed, Localizer offers machine and human translation. Getting started also involves pasting a line of code.

Localizer is compatible with every website, on any platform, from Shopify, Drupal, and WordPress, to Joomla, Weebly and Magento.

It’s free for 7 days, then pricing starts at $49/monthly.

#13 Transifex

Transifex is a translation platform offering two solutions:

  1. File – ideal for complex apps
  2. Live – perfect for websites

But what’s the difference?

Using the live solution you don’t upload documents and updating translations on your website is also quicker.

Regardless, both solutions use the translation management system – a central place for managing projects and translators to work. Manage translators in-house or hire a professional. Make use of the translation editor to finish translations.

The solution is ideal for complex sites and starts at a monthly price of $179.

There are also companies that focus more on offering a service and don’t use a platform.

Website Translation Addons & Plugins

#1 Google Translate

Google Translate - website translation tools

No doubt you’ve heard of Google translate. It’s a basic translation tool. Google translate lets you translate any text. But that’s where it stops.

Any machine translation needs human intervention to make sure it’s correct. Google translate doesn’t offer this, isn’t flexible, and doesn’t give you access to professionals.

Feel free to read our detailed comparison between Google Translate and Bablic.


multilingual website translation tools

WPML is the WordPress Multilingual Plugin. WPML makes it easy to build and run multilingual sites. It gives you the ability to translate anything from meta tags, pages, posts, and more. It’s powerful enough for corporate sites, yet simple enough for blogs. What’s more, is that it works with most themes.

Plans start at $29/year for a multilingual blog – ideal for small business owners.

#3 Langify


Are you a Shopify owner? Langify is a website translation tool that will translate your Shopify store into many languages.

It’s a powerful app that works. Don’t believe me?

The Langify app has 352 reviews, of which 340 are 5 stars, so they must be doing something right.

A free 3-day trial is available with pricing starting at $17.50/monthly.

#4 Panda Language Translate

Panda Language Translate

Panda Language Translate translates your Shopify store in over 100 languages. Translate any language without coding skills and drive global traffic to your site. Translate all content – from products, home pages, collections, product variations and blog posts.

A free trial is available for 7 days. Thereafter it’s $7.99/month.

#5 Localize Internet

Do you want to translate your Weebly site? Localize Internet is available for download in the Weebly App Centre.

Use the apps machine translation to translate content, buy professional translations, add and remove languages, make corrections, or update language versions.

There’s a 7-day free trial. Pricing starts at $19/month with no limitation on the number of languages – a nice value add.

And now, from website translation tools to platforms…

Translation Services

#1 OneHourTranslation

OneHourTranslation is a translation agency, offering a broad spectrum of services, from translation and proofreading to transcription and desktop publishing services.

Starting a translation project is quick and easy. You can also select the expertise of your translator (e.g. business, legal, mobile applications etc.) and provide a brief for the project.

Before you start the project, they provide an estimated cost. Pricing varies depending on the project.

#2 TextKing

Textking is another agency providing many services and unique business solutions. As with OneHourTranslation, starting a translation project is simple: select a language, upload documents, specify the subject area, and hit “calculate price”. Let them handle all your translation needs or use their website translation tools to assist.

Specialist translation starts at €0.10/word.

#3 Tolingo

Tolingo has 50 employees and over 6,000 translators working, globally. Starting a project is follows a similar process to the previous two. After you’ve selected your language, uploaded your document, and specified delivery times, submit your order. Now, wait for someone to contact you.

While they don’t use a platform they’re happy to work with you and accommodate the technology you use.

#4 Tolq

Another service that makes use of the latest technology. Tolq provides a team of human translators, with technology automating the translation process. The team of 40,000 translators translates content thanks to artificial intelligence that autocompletes translations. This results in time efficiencies.

As a client, you can exchange content by connecting to their CMS system or application programming interface (API). An API is a piece of software that communicates to another piece of software. You can register with their API here. Pricing starts at €0.056/word.

Finally, here are some end-to-end management solutions for businesses.

End-to-End Translation Management Solutions

While the previous solutions focused on one or two aspects, these companies provide the full translation package.

#1 Smartling

Smartling is a great tool but primarily built for large organizations with complex needs. Smartling provides:

  1. Translation management software that acts as a centralized hub for your content and allows you to manage multiple suppliers.
  2. Strategic services in the form of consultation from local experts.
  3. A network of translation professionals.

Get started for free and access fundamental translation tools. If you upgrade, pricing starts at $400/month.

#2 Text United

TextUnited also provides a translation management platform and access to professional translators. Using the platform you connect your content in seconds, translate, download, and publish. Assign your own staff to translate or use professionals. The platform also lets you manage projects.

Test the product by signing up for a free trial or buy one of their four monthly plans:

  1. Website (€89/month) – ideal for small businesses and startups
  2. Software (€199/month) – for developer and programmers
  3. Platform (€299/month) – suitable for international market leaders
  4. Enterprise ( €999/month)- global enterprises

Wrapping it Up

The translation world needn’t be complex.  Within this comprehensive list of website translation tools, platforms, services, and end-to-end solutions you should find the right solution for you, without having to spend time searching for it online.

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