Want to Translate Your WordPress Website? Turn to Bablic!

As the number of internet users browsing in regional languages is growing exponentially, having your website in multiple languages is becoming a must. Monolingual sites don’t reach even a quarter of the world’s population and, as per an estimation, a website should communicate in at least in 12 languages if it wants to reach 80% of the global users.

Also, certain languages are more viable economically despite fewer users. Spanish users, for example, number only 204 million and are present in 24 countries; yet, their combined spending power is a whopping $3.5 trillion.

Facts About WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS and as per W3tech, it occupies 58.55% of the CMS market share, far greater than those of other systems like Drupal, Joomla etc. put together.

Its user-friendly interface has prompted top companies like TED, CNN etc. to deploy WordPress as their websites’ platform.

Interestingly, of the 172 million active websites today, an impressive 75 million are built using WordPress. As the demand to get WordPress websites translated would naturally rise, Bablic offers a one-stop solution that can get your job done in minutes.

What is Bablic?

Bablic is a simple, yet efficient website translation service that makes translation easy and quick. By merely pasting a one-line code on to your pages using Bablic, you can communicate with the entire world in their preferred language super-fast. WordPress users benefit from an even simpler integration. All they have to do is activate Bablic’s WP plugin on their site.

Bablic lets you give a localized experience to your users by customizing the language they surf the Net with. As more than 72% users prefer browsing in their mother tongue, Bablic unequivocally increases visits, improves engagement, and boosts conversion rate.

WordPress aside, Bablic comfortably translates every platform and CMS in use presently. Whether your site is built on Magento, Drupal, Shopify, SqaureSpace, Weebly, or others, Bablic can simplify its translation.

How Bablic Works

Apart from translating the text of web pages, Bablic has an extremely user-friendly visual editor to tweak the look and feel of a website.

Machine translation sometimes misses out on certain phrases and the tone, and the visual editors lets you make manual changes. For localization, you can alter words as per the targeted users’ liking. For example, if you are selling holiday packages, you need not change the word ‘holiday’ while targeting the British, but may want to replace it with ‘vacation’ when the users are American.

Besides, you can work on style and CSS issues and replace images and videos as per the sensibilities of your targeted customers.

No programming required, no complexity involved!


Since user experience is critical to your business prospects’ growth, website translation is a sure-shot way to let your website endear itself to users globally.

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