What It Takes to Translate a WordPress Website

Multilingual websites are the hot stuff right now and no one can deny the boost it brings to one’s revenues. However, many business owners are often hesitant in making a move, considering website translation as complex and tedious.

It is indeed true that translating one’s WordPress website was difficult a few years back, however, technological advancements have made the whole process easier, faster and efficient. Many software and website translation services have come up in the recent past making it possible to translate a website, without much difficulty.

Bablic is one such software that allows you to translate your WordPress website, literally, in minutes. It makes the whole process simpler, and you can add as many languages as you desire on your WordPress website, without any hassle.

In fact, if one asks what it takes to translate a WordPress website, the simple answer is, “With Bablic, It Just Takes MINUTES”

Here is what makes Bablic different from the other available options:

1. Simplicity

Often you must take a lot of technical steps to integrate your website with web content translation software. However, with Bablic, all you need to do is paste a one-line code on to your website and you are done. You actually require no programming, no coding, and no technical expertise whatsoever!

2. Visual Editor

Apart from the translation software, Bablic allows you to manually edit the translated text that makes up the core of the localization. You can make semantic related edits, in order to make the text is 100% suitable for people of a particular region.

Also, you can replace images, videos and make changes in styling and CSS, in order to enhance the overall appeal of your website.

3. Happy Customers

In a short span of time, Bablic has earned a reputation for itself. By serving thousands of customers across the entire globe, Bablic is now a trusted name when it comes to website translation. Bablic’s list of clientele include world renowned National Geographic, Colgate, Mastercard, Unilver, Mozilla Corporation and others.

4. Works on any CMS

Bablic is not just limited to WordPress. In fact, it works on all different content management systems one could think of. It successfully works on SquareSpace, Weebly, Shopify, Jimdo, Drupal and many others. This means that Bablic can easily handle and localize any type of content, including external elements that you may want to embed within your WordPress website.

5. 100+ Languages

Including all the major languages of the world, Bablic, in total, offers translation services in more than 100 languages. This makes Bablic the ultimate choice, no matter what your target audience is.

6. Cost-Effective

If you think translating your website will make a big hole in your pocket, you are mistaken! Bablic is especially developed to help small and medium scale businesses and it costs just $24 a month to add 2 languages to one’s website. Besides, you can test the solution on free trial and even add 1 language to your website for free.

To sum it up, translating a WordPress website is not a big deal anymore, considering the simplicity Bablic adds to whole process. If you are yet to translate your website, go for it now! It is going to bring an array of benefits to your business.l

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