Why a Casual Approach to Social Media Marketing is Not a Good Idea

In the past decade, social media has managed to carve a niche for itself in the lives of a majority of people. Statistics reveal that a staggering 3 billion people are active on the various social media platforms across the globe. This corresponds to more than 40% of the world’s population.

In addition to this, on an average, a social media user spends around 135 minutes per day checking feeds. As a majority of social media users fall in the age bracket of 16 – 55 years, which, in most of the cases, form the target group of a majority of businesses, investing in social media marketing is advisable.

This blog discusses why not investing time and effort in this exceptional marketing tool may impede your business growth:

1. Difficulty in Targeting Customers

Unlike other marketing options like television advertisements, billboards etc., social media marketing allows a marketer to target the most economically attractive segments among users. Facebook, for example, offers an option to target a particular age group, city, region, locality, person with certain interests, those who have already liked the page of your competitors etc. This kind of targeting doesn’t just boost the conversion rate, but it also proves to be economically efficient, as one saves a lot of money by only showing the ads to relevant people.

2. Hampers Global Reach

Social media marketing has made borders irrelevant. Unlike the past, when running an ad campaign in a foreign country led to fat bills and would often require one to get involved in the complexities of paperwork and the approvals needed to operate in a foreign country, social media marketing makes the transition from being local to going global absolutely hassle-free.

Social media marketing allows you to spread your wings to different parts of the world, without making any heavy investments. It also plays a crucial role in testing the waters in a new place where a company is trying to establish itself.

3. Declining Sales Graph

Social Media Marketing Graph

According to surveys, 86% users follow brands on social media. And an impressive 75% of them buy a product when they see it in their social media feeds. The figures corroborate to the fact that social media has become a great influencer when it comes to the buying preferences of people. The ROI associated with social media marketing is remarkable and the exponential rise in social media influencers indicates that the trend is not going to die out anytime soon.

4. Lowers Search Engine Ranking

search engine ranking

Though social media pages do not directly improve the search engine ranking of your website, they definitely generate more traffic. As users engage with your social media page and eventually end up on a landing page, the user experience of the webpage improves. With more and more people ending up on the landing page and making purchases, Google’s algorithm is going to increase the search ranking of the page from this increased user engagement.

To sum it up, investing in social media marketing can help your brand gain visibility. Besides, empirically, it is known to have boosted sales by helping one target the right users. The benefits of social media marketing are so many that a casual approach toward it may turn out to be bad for your business. Invest in it now, and take your business to the next level!

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