Why is Blogging Essential for Your Business?

In today’s world, the stability and growth of any venture depend largely on how well it uses the digital sphere to its advantage. Without a well-planned digital marketing strategy, any business’ presence runs the risk of going unnoticed in such a noisy arena, where countless hungry start-ups as well as giant companies are literally jostling with each other to stand out and capture eyeballs.
Blogging, when done cleverly, can help you achieve a lot in the digital domain, even with minimal resources. It has the potential to act like a magic wand that can work wonders for your business.

This article briefly discusses 4 major reasons, which make blogging absolutely necessary for businesses, irrespective of whether they are small start-ups or big ventures:

1. Gives a Boost to Search Rankings

More than 90 percent of all online activities start off with a search engine. From going to a movie to buying a pair of shoes, or from hiring the services of a plumber to learning about new technologies and trends, almost everything begins with a search engine nowadays.

This requires you to manage an online presence strong enough so that Google’s crawlers can find you (and display your link!) between a plethora of webpages around the web. Naturally, the more data you provide, the greater will be your chances to rank higher.

Blogging offers you just the right way to enhance your web presence. SEO- based blogging can help you separate from the pack.

2. Helps You Understand Your Audience Better

Happy customers naturally mean a thriving business, whereas frustrated or disappointed ones signify the opposite. Every business can learn a great deal about itself by watching customers’ feedback carefully.

The likes, comments, up-votes, down-votes etc. on your blogs allow you to have powerful insight into what your consumers are appreciating and what they are finding distasteful. Additionally, this offers you the opportunity to incorporate what users want, in order to fine-tune, or even customize your products or services accordingly.

Blogging helps you engage with your target audience and it is a true blessing for the growth of your business.

3. Builds Trust & Makes You Stand Out Among Users

Consciously or unconsciously, people enter into a business relationship based on trust. Blogging gives you the opportunity to build trust among customers and stand out in their eyes as a thought leader of your craft/industry. The depth of your writings, the warmth of your words, the tone, and the value you create for your customers will very likely win you the trust of users.

Besides, gaining the expertise that you require to run a valuable blog, is in and by itself a great asset, and will help your business become more competitive in your field.

4. Expands Your Customer Base

Statistics show that 60 percent of the business that blog actively get more customers. This seems logical as blogging succeeds in driving more traffic to your website, besides offering SEO advantages.

Blogging also gives you a competitive edge over others as it gives you the proper space to communicate your USPs and strengths to the public, when a website or a mobile app may not be enough.

In short, blogging serves many purposes and neglecting blogging may prove to be a mistake for your business. The data shows that clearly.

Make sure your blog is relevant for your audience so choose topics that are engaging and a style that is easy and familiar to your readers; enjoy the results!


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