Why Your Website’s Mobile Version is a Must for Your Business Today!

A few years back, a website’s mobile version was rare. Most businesses operated with a single version and thrived successfully. However, as change is the only constant, particularly in technology, sticking exclusively to what worked in the past may actually damage your business growth.

Today, a mobile-friendly website is a must-have. Hand-held devices are what the majority of people use to access the internet, and the data consumed each day is simply overwhelming. Interestingly, by 2021, the estimated data use globally across all mobile devices would be a whopping 49 exabyte (1 exabyte = 1 million terabyte) a month.

Below are 4 major reasons why your website must have a mobile-friendly version:

1. Google Loves It

Mobile friendly website

A major factor that helps decide website rankings in Google search results is user experience. Mobile-friendliness naturally makes a website more convenient for users, and it stands a better chance of ranking higher compared to others.

2. Surge in Mobile Phone Users

Nearly 80% internet users use a smartphone. In fact, a whopping 1.2 billion surf the net from their mobile phones and this figure is expected to reach 2 billion in the future.

As statistics suggest clearly, a majority of users are and will be accessing your site from their portable devices, so it’s advisable to woo them where they are to be found.

3. Mobile Phone Users Are Profitable

Mobile Phone Users Are Profitable

As per a survey, an impressive 74% mobile phone users shop through search engines. Surprisingly, more than 83% are keen to make a purchase within 24 hours, whereas 55% are likely to do the same in just 1 hour.

4. Social Media Marketing Relevance


Social Media Marketing Relevance

Today, social media marketing is crucial for any venture. Promoting your business on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc. helps you reach millions with minimal effort. However, as 91% social media activities happen on mobile phones, it is highly likely that traffic coming from social media to your website will be accessing your site on their phones, which makes it mandatory for you to make your website mobile-friendly.

 Today, adopting the latest trends, themes, and layouts for websites is a must to stay competitive. With user experience fast becoming a touchstone for any business’ acceptability, understanding the user’s psyche is imperative, or else the moment users have any difficulty in navigating your website, they’ll straightaway abandon it.

Designing a mobile-friendly website is vital to ensure you don’t lose out on potential customers. And with web responsive designs, you won’t have to maintain separate sites for desktops and mobiles. A responsive design automatically adapts itself as per the screen size and other factors to offer a personalized experience.

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