4 Ways To Increase Your Shopify Store’s Sales

Shopify, in a short span of over a decade, has literally revolutionized the way people buy and sell things. Today, the platform serves as a source of income for hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. It is reported that back in August 2017, there were more than 600,000 Shopify stores all over the world, with their total worth exceeding $55 billion. But one question that always concerns every Shopify store owner is how they can increase their sales.

This short blog discusses 4 simple ways through which you can boost sales on your Shopify store.

Let’s get down to the basics:

1. Make Good Use of Available Apps

The Shopify app store is full with apps that simplify the process overall, and also help boost one’s sales via different platforms. However, the biggest problem with the app store is there are so many apps that one actually wonders which would work best and which to use.

No matter whether you want to push your products via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform, you will find some amazing apps on the app store. So, research a bit and take the plunge.

2. Be Extremely Professional

The point may seem obvious to many but there is a reason why there is no harm in reiterating it. Since starting an online store and making money seems lucrative, people are flooding these platforms in the hope of making it big. And often they start to expect profits right from the beginning.

But the truth is that just because the whole setup looks attractive, you can’t make do with shoddy work. Unless your website and your approach are professional and consistent enough, no matter how good your product is, it will not work.

3. Translate Your Shopify Store

Today’s reality is that more than 70% of users are browsing the net in their own language and monolingual websites are at a comparative disadvantage considering the cosmopolitan nature of the world we live in. Since 50% users never buy a thing unless it’s available in their native language, it makes perfect sense to translate your Shopify store in order to widen your customer reach.

There are many website translation platforms available today that make the whole process easy, simple, and quick. Bablic is one such platform that has been especially built to address the challenges and the requirements of small and medium scale businesses.

4. Choose Right Influencer

Whether you like it or not, if you want to boost your Shopify store sales, you have to use social media influencers today. Since more than half of the world’s population is on different social media platforms, it may actually be detrimental if we do not give social media the attention it deserves.

The fastest and the most effective way to use social media to one’s advantage is to use the right influencers so that your product reaches the right people and converts into sales.

Reaching out to the right people is the key and social media influencers ensure this in the most precise way.

As technology is making the impossible possible with every passing day, you too, by employing the right tools and tactics, can take your business to the next level.

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