Are You Sure of the Translation Type You Need for Your Business?

Today, translation is one of the fastest growing industries in the US. The sea-change in the browsing pattern of Internet users has compelled many businesses to get their websites translated into multiple languages. In a bid to be the first to woo their target users, many businesses fail to make a fair assessment regarding what translation type – or combination of types – would suit their business.

This blog lists out 3 different translation types that you can juggle between to best exploit this service in your favor.

1. Translation – Where Quality Matters

Language, if used strategically, can do wonders. However, a shoddy combination of words can be embarrassing and has the potential to put off any user.

A better choice of words and impeccable grammar is indispensable if you are making a sales pitch, designing a landing page or a home page. Your website may have over 100 pages, however not every page is of the same importance. Since pages like the home page, services page or about us page hold the potential to make or break your sale, one should always make use of translation services that offer quality output. One should not hesitate in taking the help of human translators, if machine translation fails to produce the desired effect.

2. Translation – Where Speed Matters

Quality output has its own significance; however, in this fast paced environment, a lot of times it is the response time that counts and not quality. For example you are having a live chat with your foreign clients, in that case, you would need super-fast translations as there is no room for delay.

In such cases when response time is crucial, machine translation, although not perfect, may be the most valid option.

3. Translation – Where Quantity Matters

Often a business has to deal with massive volumes of content needing translation. In these cases, unless the work gets automated and streamlined, the process will end up taking a hugh amount of time. For such cases, one should straight away take the help of translation software to make life easy.

Bablic is one of the few website translation services that offers simple, easy and quick translation services in almost all major languages of the world. Not only that, with Bablic it is possible to use both machine and professional translation, combine the two, and even add a layer of manual fine-tuning, just to make sure that the translation output is the best it can be.

To sum it up, the lack of evaluation when it comes to the correct translation type according to one’s business may cost dearly. That is why it makes perfect sense to first analyze the requirements of your business and then negotiate with the service provider.

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