Want To Localize Your Website? – Know How Bablic Can Be Your Savior

Website localization is crucial for all global businesses. Empirical evidence points toward its significance, and there are countless success stories of companies confirming how website localization helped them grow.

If that’s not enough, here’s some more food for thought: studies reveal that 75 percent of customers, when choosing between purchasing the same product from two or more different sites, are more likely to purchase from the portal which offers information in their native language.

The sooner to start thinking about localization, and the sooner you’ll start boosting your company. Familo.net, a very popular app, witnessed an overwhelming 400 percent increase in new customers after they opted for the localization of their app.

It is important to note here that localization is not translation, even though translation is a crucial aspect of the overall localization process.

As the significance of localization for global businesses remains undisputed, the real question is how to go about the whole process of localization and whose services to hire.

The one-word answer to it can be BABLIC; this blog gives you a quick run-down on how Bablic is different from the other solutions on the market, and why it should be your ultimate destination for localization services.

Bablic is Super Simple

A normal translation job for a website requires developers, translators and a project manager. Besides it being slow, the overall process naturally becomes complex because of the interaction between professionals performing very different roles.

With Bablic, you can get your website translated by simply pasting one-line of code in your website. Free from any kind of complicated programming, it offers the simplest of ways to get a translation job done effectively.

Bablic Offers a Cheaper and Faster Solution

Human translations, despite being excellent output-wise, have their own limitations, such as cost and delivery time. The digital world works in real time and time delays may affect your business significantly.

With Bablic’s machine translation services, you do not have to wait for days to get the translation for the latest updates you publish; you can literally get it in real time and then use manual editing to fine-tune the content quality.

Besides, by using human proofreading on top of machine translation instead of having professionals translate from scratch, you end up saving a lot of money.

Bablic Allows You to Customize The Look-And-Feel of Your Website

Your website’s design is extremely important, and a localization solution should integrate seamlessly with it. Bablic allows you to adjust the look and feel of your website through a user-friendly interface with just a few clicks.

Bablic Lets You Customize The Language Selector

You can fully customize the language widget according to your preferences, so that it fits your pages’ design perfectly. The process is easy and does not require you to make changes in the site’s code. Moreover, you create different versions the language selector for mobiles and desktop to match your site’s responsiveness, and that further improves the user experience on your website.

Bablic Helps You Adjust CSS/Styling and Edit Text

With its super easy interface, you can easily make changes in font size, fonts, padding between text elements etc. Furthermore, you can manually edit text in order to make it more appealing.

It is important to note that you can make all the changes in the real time. The moment you click on the apply button, your changes will appear immediately on your live site.

     For CSS/Styling

For Text Editing

Bablic Gives an Easy Option to Replace Images

Localization takes into consideration things like cultural preferences, religious sensitivities and regional sensibilities. Images play a crucial role in conveying the intended meaning or concept; however, the wrong image can potentially be even more damaging or offensive compared to inappropriate text.

With Bablic, you can change images as per your target audience without any hassle.

To sum it up we, at Bablic, strive hard to understand the needs of our customers and offer genuinely simple fixes to address them. Our ever-growing list of happy customers gives us satisfaction and at the same time fuels us to march further ahead.

Try Bablic once; you are surely going to love it.

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